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Weights or Cardio: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

The path to a healthier weight and the body you want can feel like a maze. Amidst the noise of trends, fads, and conflicting information, there’s one question that keeps coming up: is cardio better or weight training to shed some pounds? The Journal Obesity states that only 23% of obese people have seen a significant loss in their weight

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6 Ways To Stay Active During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we shelter at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, many who are working on their health and wellness find it difficult to stay physically active. Being stuck at home leads people toward more sedentary activities, like reading or watching TV. Being active is important, not only for your physical health and weight loss goals but also for

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10 Activities to Stay Healthy This Winter

Health and weight loss go hand-in-hand. As the temperature dips to the cooler side of things outside, many find it harder to go for that walk, run, or jog. Inside, we divulge 10 activities to stay healthy this winter.  What are the things that hold you back from exercising during the winter months? One of the best things you can

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5 Habits that Lead to Weight Gain

We know losing weight and staying fit is a challenge for just about everyone. The cause of all the trouble really is the fact that our bodies and brains are optimized to live in a situation where meals are small, few, and far between. In such an environment, our biology only needs to drive us to seek out the richest

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