Dr. Urshan Reviews

Lidia Rodriguez
Lidia R.
15:41 24 Nov 20
his man has made me love myself again like I haven't in a very longtime . eating healthy has never been So easy and satisfying he has changed my life for the better and I would recommend him to anyone and do on my own. best money i ever spent. wish I could put up my before and after pics. I was 158 now I'm down to 132 in 39 days
Stephanie Painter
Stephanie P.
12:44 23 Nov 20
Dr Urshan and his staff are incredible! I went to them for weight loss when everything else had failed no matter how many “right” things I was doing. I personally lost 28.2 lbs in the first 44 days. All I did was follow the instructions to the letter. It’s all given to you, just follow it. The weight loss now isn’t the biggest benefit I have gained. Chronic neck pain I’ve received shots and procedures for in the past is gone. Allergies are gone. Asthma is under control without the need of either inhaler I keep with me. I feel amazing, I have energy and am sleeping at night. It has been LIFE CHANGING! I can’t recommend them enough, nor can I fine the appropriate thanks for their support and motivation.
david Koleszar
david K.
12:03 07 Jul 20
As long as you follow the program you can't fail. The group is amazing and the support is nothing like i have ever received from any other attempt at weight loss. I am still in the program and to date I have lost 41 pounds. The confidence and happiness I have gained is well worth the price and sacrifice. This program is hard but as long as you do what they say. You won't and can't fail.
ken payne
ken P.
01:38 28 Jun 20
I would rate the program higher than 5 Stars if the system allow me to. This program really works, if you follow the system. I've tried other programs but never received the results in such a short time as I did with this one. I started the Monday after Mother's Day weighting in at 270lbs. and the Monday after Father's Day I weight in at 235lbs. That's a loss of 35lbs!! Now my new set weight, only a week later, is 225lbs which I'm presently maintaining in this finally phrase of the program.If you are serious about getting your life back and getting rid of medications and excess weight, this is the program for you. This program has change my life and the knowledge I learn from it I have already help others see and gain success.Click on image below
Janice Warrington
Janice W.
15:42 12 May 20
UPDATED MAY - I am so incredibly happy I found Dr Urshan and his amazing team (Tonia). I lost 28 lbs during the 40 days and have continued to loose. They have saved my life! You can see below, my first entry; however, it just gets better and better. When you are ready to reset your body and mind AND ready to really learn healthy living.. this is the place for you.... forever grateful. ... PREVIOUSLY: I LOVE Dr Urshan, his staff and his amazing program. I DID not want another damn quick fix, for me I needed a life changing path. I have literally tried every "weight loss" program in town; however, I needed a forward thinking solution. I have found this with Dr Urshan & team. I love the one on one attention the accountability and structure. No this will not be for everyone; however, if you are ready to put you're "big pants" on and take accountability for your OWN health and are done with the fad diets, you will love this --I recommend calling Dr Urshan. I will touch back when I have completed the 40 days! I am 23 days in with 20 lbs gone and an enormous amount of knowledge to move me forward. THANK GOD for this program !!
T Webb
T W.
12:28 12 Mar 20
Dr. Urshan, thank you for the invite, but I don't need a re-boot. I am only 1/2 pound away from my goal weight and still loosing. This plan has been incredible and the results, amazing. Prior to coming to see you, I had tried everything that 'used to work' for me to lose weight but continue to add on 5-8 pounds every year. I must tell you that I never expected to lose 35 pounds in about 3 months. Now, 35 pounds may not sound like much to some people, but for a 5'3" 64 year old female, it is a lot of extra weight to carry around producing significant stress on the joints, heart, and lungs. Not only have I lost the weight, but the post-menopausal belly fat, is virtually gone (my waistline is 6 inches smaller). I am also a runner and my 5K race time has improved by almost 10 minutes!Another incredible result......my husband (who has supported me every step of the way on this journey) has Type II Diabetes and was getting close to having to move from oral meds to injections. From Day 1 he started eating, for the most part, the same foods I was eating. At his last checkup a couple of weeks ago, his A1C was down almost a whole point and his doctor was ecstatic and curious to learn more about the plan. The doctor wants to see him again in about 60 days. If my husband's A1C stays where it is or drops more, then the doctor will be making changes to his medicine regime and reducing the dosage of the diabetes meds appropriately.If you ever need a spokesperson for any of your commercials, I would be more than happy to tell my story. Not only have I lost weight, but my overall health has improved considerably. I feel like I have been re-born at age 64!!!!Thank you again for all your positive feedback and encouragement.
Thomas Ward Tampa
Thomas Ward T.
16:18 10 Mar 20
The Dr. Urshan Diet works! It is very important to follow the program to the letter and keep the faith that the estimate weight loss will be achieved. During the program, I was skeptical at times but with support and direction from Dr. Urshan and staff I was able to stay on track with incremental loss to ultimately reach my goal. At the introduction meeting, Dr. Urshan estimated my weight loss to be 25 to 30 pounds after 40 days. After 40 days, my weight loss was 26.2 pounds and after 44 days I was down 27.2 pounds. I am off blood pressure medicine and anti-inflammation medicine. I'm sure I will also be off my cholesterol after my blood work results scheduled for the end of this month. Yes, the diet works very well. In addition to Dr. Urshan, Shirley and the support staff were always available with helpful direction to achieve the best results. If you really and truly want to lose the weight and want to learn how to change your eating habits with good healthy food, then the Dr. Urshan Diet is your best choice towards the new healthier you.
steve Hand
steve H.
03:05 05 Mar 20
I lost 25lbs in only 40 days. This was the easiest diet program I have ever used. Doctor Urshan’s helpful staff and personal caring for my weight loss was so helpful to stay on track for me to meet my weight loss goals. Thank you Doctor Urshan!!!
Shirley Brown
Shirley B.
13:30 18 Feb 20
The diet regime given us by Dr Urshan was really easy to follow plus effective. We r more than pleased we it. No hunger between meals, no more heartburn.
Michele Hirning
Michele H.
01:33 10 Feb 20
I came to Dr. Urshan and his team in pretty fit shape, with good numbers in terms of body and visceral fat, but looking to lose my last 15-20 stubborn pounds. The team worked with me to customize a program that would work for my specific situation and I was very pleased with the results! I appreciated Dr. Urshan's enthusiasm for the health benefits of weight loss done the right way, and I liked having the accountability of texting him my weight every day. The team at his office in Largo were great too, and I was able to schedule my weigh-in appointments for convenient times. I highly recommend Dr. Urshan for anyone looking to take charge of their health, it's completely worth it!
Ryan Hoormann
Ryan H.
16:52 09 Feb 20
I just completed my 40th day on the Dr. Urshan program and couldn’t be happier! I lost 43.5 lbs and feel better than I have in years! The program is pricey but if you are serious about losing weight it is worth it. It is super strict and the first few days are challenging but if you stick with it you are guaranteed to lose weight. Dr Urshan and his staff are super helpful with any questions you have.
K Pupillo
K P.
13:23 02 Feb 20
This is not just a weight loss program...it's a health program. I lost over 21 lbs in less than the 40 days that is claimed, but even better than that, my cholesterol dropped 42 points and I felt alive. My blood pressure dropped as well. My doctor was amazed and just as elated I was. I have tried may other programs but did not see the overall results like I have seen with this one. Yes, it is more expensive than others but when you factor in the health benefits, it's priceless. I highly recommend this program. Follow it to the letter and you will see results. Of note when you look at all the 1 star reviews and see other places these people have reviewed, they have a lot of one star reviews...safe to say they're just negative.
Bassel Bittar
Bassel B.
22:32 01 Jan 20
All my life I’ve been trying to lose weight and I have tried all of these diets and none of them worked. Thankfully I stumbled upon this program about to months ago and honestly to say it’s life changing. I have lost 45 pounds in my 40 day program and I can proudly say I am joining the United States Air Force. Thank you Dr. Urshan and staff for being so amazing as to helping me on my weight loss journey! I recommend this for anyone and everyone that were in my shoes just about 2 months ago contemplating on whether they’ll ever lose weight. What’s so amazing about this program is that it literally cleans everything in your body, so not only you look better but you feel better mentally, physically, and in any way possible! Thank you again.
The Flying Realtor
The Flying R.
15:21 23 Dec 19
My wife and I went to Dr.Urshan after many years of "dieting". We had heard of Dr. Urshan's program on the radio and decided to finally go to a consultation. We couldn't have been happier with our experience! We worked with the Tampa and Brandon offices and they were always available to answer questions and to give us motivation! Once we committed to changing our lifestyle then the rest was easy! We lost over 70lbs so far and have completely changed how we eat and live! The best part is that we have kept it off and we feel 1000% better! Thank you Dr. Urshan and staff!!!
12:40 11 Dec 19
Dr. Urshan and his staff were beyond AMAZING!! Going to see him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This has truly changed my life and the way I look at eating and dieting. It’s not hard. You just have to put the work in and you WILL succeed. I recommend this to anyone. It’s a life change that will get you healthy and happy! I can’t remember the last time I felt this amazing. Thank you all!
Carol Dooley
Carol D.
18:27 27 Nov 19
Like a lot of people, I have tried just about every product and diet on the market without success. After seeing Dr. Urshan's ad on TV, I thought what do I have to lose? As a nurse, I can say this has been the most rewarding program for me. The program was not only an investment for me, but also the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Dr. Urshan's program demands a commitment, and if you cannot do this, then it probably isn't for you. He and his well trained staff have always been there for me through my frustrations and joys. They never give up on helping you reach your goal. I have never been happier about where I am now and my friends love the new me. This is the best investment I have ever made. If you're truly serious about loosing weight, make your commitment. Your body will be glad you did.
Erik T
Erik T
20:02 30 Oct 19
I needed to have surgery and the doctor informed me that I would need to lose 60+ pounds in order to have the surgery done. I has heard of Dr Urshan from the morning show I listen to and was hesitant to say the least. When my primary care physician told me that it might be an option I decided to bite the bullet and start the journey. Dr Urshan was there supporting my journey EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Daily communication meant that I had to keep up and any adjustments made where done immediately. Tonia at the Brandon office was simply amazing. Her support was what really added to my success. So here I am scheduled for surgery because I reached the 60 pounds loss in the program time. If you are questioning if it works IT DOES!! Follow and trust the process and you will succeed...they guarentee it!
Shawn M
Shawn M
12:15 30 Oct 19
I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Urshan and staff!!!!!! I came to see Dr. Urshan because I was so unhealthy and felt terrible all the time. Everything hurt!!! I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure. Not only have I lost 32 pounds but I am no longer on all of those medications. This has been an amazing experience. I am forever grateful to Dr. Urshan and his program!!!!
Dina Barone
Dina B.
16:50 26 Oct 19
Dr. Urshan and staff have been very supportive and this was a positive experience. If you are truly committed and ready for a lifestyle change this is a great next step.
Lisa Wratz
Lisa W.
12:48 26 Oct 19
After trying other diet prorams, I would always put the weight right back on. Then I heard about the Urshan diet, decided to try it, and I started feeling better the next day! Dr. Urshan and his staff were always available to answer my questions and concerns, even on weekends! I also have the knowledge and the will power to keep the weight off! Cravings are gone! Thank you, Dr. Urshan!
Michelle Shade
Michelle S.
22:07 19 Oct 19
Love the Dr and the staff! All around great people! The program is super easy to follow and it works! I’ve gotten myself back! More energy, sleeping better, higher metabolism, I was able to quit smoking and drinking and my skin feels amazing! I also lost almost 20 lbs ( my goal was 15 lbs) and I have a normal BMI, MM, BF and WW.
Elizabeth Keen
Elizabeth K.
13:33 19 Oct 19
I woke up this morning and was excited to see that I have lost 30 pounds in 40 days! I think the program worked because I followed it exactly and did not cheat. I feel awesome and am looking forward to losing more!
Cheryl Gendebien
Cheryl G.
14:22 06 Oct 19
Dr. Urshan and all the staff have been very accommodating during the 40 days. I struggled losing weight after having a hysterectomy over the summer and needed to get off the 25 pounds I had gained. I am proud to say that I dropped 26 pounds in 40 days. The program works if you follow it! I feel amazing.
M Kenyon
M K.
14:52 05 Oct 19
Excellent program they delivered what the tell us will happen. The program is simple but must be followed exactly.
Leslie Tuck
Leslie T.
01:12 30 Sep 19
Dr. Urshan's weight loss program is the bomb! I was unsure at first that I'd be able to follow the program to the letter. I made up my mind to do it and it's the best thing I've done in a very long time. The results speak for themselves. The first 40 days I dropped 35 pounds and looking back it was much easier than I thought. While I was happy to lose the weight,the real reward was the results of my routine bloodwork. As a type II diabetic my A1C went from a 7.2 to 5.8. That's amazing!!!My Dr. stopped one med and predicted the removal of another if the next bloodwork test came back as good as the first. I am a 62 year old female who literally thought weight loss was impossible. I am glad to be wrong. Follow the plan!! It's not hard once you get the hang of it. I'm still losing weight because the knowledge I gained will serve me forever!!
james smoker
james S.
19:25 15 Sep 19
The program has worked well for me. I was surprised with how easy it was for me give up bread and potatoes. The thirty pounds I have lost so far makes me feel much better. And through out the program, I never felt hungry.
Betty Mae
Betty M.
22:25 13 Sep 19
Wow! Dr. Urshan truly changed my life. I have been 240 for the last few years of my life. His program and his encouragement helped me to lose 35 pounds in 30 days. I feel so much healthier and happier and energized. I highly recommend Dr. Urshan.
Marcia B
Marcia B
20:10 11 Sep 19
I want to thank the entire staff. Not only with losing 30lbs but the health benefits learned when working with Dr Urshan and his staff. I can’t thank them enough for making me smile again. Prior to doing the program I was apprehensive however now I’m a believer. Thank you Dr U!!!!!
Anais Rodriguez
Anais R.
17:47 24 Aug 19
Dr. Urshan and his staff are very helpful. They are always there for you when you have questions or concerns. So far the program is working for me. I have lost 26 pounds in 40 days and I feel amazing!
14:01 24 Aug 19
At 51 I found myself struggling to lose weight. My body hurt all over and my knees were killing me! I tried Dr Urshawn and lost 26 pounds in 40 days. I feel great and I have tons of energy. I followed the plan and got the results I was looking for.
16:45 18 Aug 19
As you have heard many others say “I’ve tried everything and nothing works.” So now you are reading these posts and wondering about Dr. Urshan’s program. I know, I’ve been there many times. If you are passionately serious about losing weight, feeling great, and improving your quality of life, make an appointment. You must be totally committed and focused and do everything required, but it is actually very easy and an amazing program that works. There is great support from the coaches whenever you have questions. I wish you the best. You can do it.
Antonio Lazzari
Antonio L.
15:35 18 Aug 19
The program works. If you are committed and follow the program as designed you will succeed. Dr. Urshan communicates well and helps with plateaus that arise as well as giving helpful tips and advice. Money well spent and after the program I have surpassed the 20-40 pound expectation.
David Rendelstein
David R.
01:43 14 Aug 19
I lost 100 lbs on this program!
Heather Foster
Heather F.
03:45 12 Aug 19
I could not be more happy! After 40 days I fit into the goal jeans I've had hanging in my room for 2 years! I am really pleased with the method of Dr. Urshan's plan. I need accountability and a plan to follow that bring healthy results quickly. This plan has quick results and steps to long term success. I have lost weight before but always put it back on because I need a plan, tools and accountability. I am receiving all of this with Dr. Urshan and his team. I am mentally stronger, physically healthier and excited about my current and future health. Thanks for helping me put all of the pieces together.
Mary Beth Albright
Mary Beth A.
13:36 06 Aug 19
Dr. Urshan's concern for his patient's health far exceeds weight loss. Yes I lost 31 lbs in 40 days but more importantly to me, he was truly invested in me. He educated me about the importance of nutrition, minerals, body chemistry and the effects on our metabolism. The substantial clarity and energy that comes from his program is exactly what I needed to help me run my company and do better in life.
Josh Ewing
Josh E.
23:47 04 Aug 19
I made a choice to start being healthy at no matter the cost . From the moment I walked into the office I was treated with respect and kindness. Dr. Urshan himself went above and beyond to help me start this program. As I’m closing out my 40th day I am down almost 50 pounds. This is just the beginning for me so if I can do it you can do it. I cannot say enough that this program works !!! Thank you to the entire staff for all your help .
Holly Suess
Holly S.
14:13 03 Aug 19
Thank you so much Dr. Urshan and staff for offering this amazing 40 Day Program! I started in June and by August (42 days) I’m down 28.4 pounds and I feel amazing! I was definitely skeptical at first but I’m sooo happy I followed through and started the program. One of the best decisions of my life — but you have to WANT it! This is the jump start I needed physically and mentally to pursue my ultimate goal of 70 pounds lost by Dec 2019. I will continue my weight loss journey by using the knowledge and tools I was given during the program and I’m confident I will reach my 2019 goal. I’m a much happier wife and stay at home Mom of two babies under three years old! Thanks again Dr. Urshan and staff!
jovi Henshaw
jovi H.
16:48 27 Jul 19
Dr. Urshan and his staff were very knowledgeable about what I needed and what needed to be done to lose weight in a healthy way. I have lost 30 lbs in 40 days. They answered all my questions and kept me from getting discouraged. If your willing to make the commitment and make the transformation, I highly suggest this program.
Ron Shelton
Ron S.
20:40 23 Jul 19
John DiRienzo
John D.
16:50 20 Jul 19
I've had excellent results on the program. Today is day 40 and I've lost 30 pounds. But, more important, I've come off all my diabetes meds since day 5. Didn't know if it would be possible but it worked! Praise God!
Robert Prucha
Robert P.
14:16 20 Jul 19
I had heard about Dr Urshan’s program for months, via radio and TV. I was finally motivated when I saw a picture of me that was not at all complimentary.I went to the presentation and was convinced that his methods were sound. They also seemed to make a lot of sense. I followed the program to the letter, and now, 40 days later I’m down 25 pounds. Additionally, my energy levels are higher than they have been in years. The maintenance procedure will be easy to follow, and I look forward to a healthier life in the future. Thank you, Dr Urshan.
Lisa Mahnken
Lisa M.
01:56 17 Jul 19
Best way to lose weight! Highly recommend! Worth every penny. I tried Numerous other ways to lose weight over the years and this was the only way I could lose my dream weight. It’s healthy and a quick way to lose weight and you don’t have to work out while following the program. Dr. Urshan and staff were amazing to work with as well.
Michelle Libby
Michelle L.
18:46 14 Jul 19
The program is amazing as well as my results! I lost 30 pounds in 40 days! The team was extremely helpful and was always just a text away for support when needed!
Caitilin Kamaris
Caitilin K.
13:52 13 Jul 19
Friendly staff and very easy to follow health plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Urshan and his team.
Alea Deeter
Alea D.
18:02 09 Jul 19
I had great success on Dr. Urshsn’s weight-loss program. My. goal was to reclaim my health during the time that I was on this program and I found that I was able to make great strides on improving my level of health and well-being , while on the program .
Marilyn Voreis
Marilyn V.
18:08 08 Jul 19
I lost 57 pounds and enthusiastically recommend this program; the healthiest and best plan I have found for quick weight loss. (My medical numbers are the best in 20 years). Weight has always been a struggle. 30 years ago I did the same diet as Oprah when she did the jeans thing. But regrettably, over time I ‘found’ most all my lost weight.Last fall I was determined to take the weight off forever. This nourishing plan is perfect. With adherence results are astonishing. Daily reports to Dr. Urshan help get one back on track. This was my 2nd program. Between programs I spent 3 months in Europe AND lost weight without deprivation while traveling. The plan gives one the tools to continue and maintain on your own.For me the two most exciting results are: I no longer need sizes ending with an X! And best of all, airline and theatre seats are more comfortable.Yesterday a friend helped me rid m closet of 40 garments that no longer fit. Empty hangers below.
Courtney Marie
Courtney M.
14:15 08 Jul 19
It was an amazing experience at Dr.Urshan's. they make sure you know you matter and you know your not in it alone. I feel amazing 40 days later. And my coach Amanda was amazing as well. It seems tough at first but anyone can definitely do it!Thanks Dr. Urshan!
Sara Dodge
Sara D.
22:06 07 Jul 19
This program works!I just lost 20 lbs in 40 days, AND I am going forward for another 40 days, as I have more to lose.You have to be very disciplined, so don’t take this diet causally.This is the ONE diet that will make you healthy, you will live longer and you can be the weight you were “back in the day”, if you want to be that weight again. You can overcome terrible afflictions, diabetes, arthritis, and causes of cancer, conditions that are believed to be incurable.This program will help you focus on you, and send all your aches and pains into a closet, while you watch your body change with weight loss each day, and direct encouragement from Dr. Urshan and his staff.
Steve Peacock
Steve P.
14:17 06 Jul 19
This program offered by Dr. Urshan is more than simply weight loss. For me it is total health and wellness! Fibromyalgia and other health concerns have dominated my daily existence for more than 10 years. About three weeks into Dr. Urshan's program I realized that ALL of the symptoms that had kept me down were completely gone! I have no more muscle or joint pain. I have no more fatigue and I now maintain an almost euphoric-type energy level. I've been able to cease my medication for high blood pressure. Oh, and I've lost over 40 pounds! Thank you, Dr. Urshan for giving me my life back!Dr. Urshan and his staff are available and ready to help on a daily basis in order to assure my success. This program requires commitment, but it is by far the most effective weight-loss and health plan available. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Urshan!
Ron Hawn
Ron H.
16:33 04 Jul 19
I had great experience with the Dr Urshan program. I feel significantly better - more energy, less joint paint, lower blood pressure and a significant weight loss!
Leslie Mulder
Leslie M.
21:37 26 Jun 19
I went to Dr Ursham Health & Wellness location in Largo.. At the first visit I was able to meet Dr Urshan, who devised a plan completely tailored to my personal needs for wellness as well as weight loss. His perfessional staff answered all my questions and my concerns when starting this program.I have now lost 20 lbs in 40 days and feel great. I have gotten the personal attention that I needed from Dr Urshan and his staff. I am very thankful to them and give them a 5 star review. It is indeed the best program out there.
Debra Reel
Debra R.
04:25 23 Jun 19
Jim Carryer
Jim C.
21:07 22 Jun 19
Lost 43 lbs during the 40 day program. Feeling much better with more energy. Was really surprised that I was not hungry during the program. Looking forward to losing the last 8 - 10 lbs after phase 4 is complete. Over all I am a Happy Camper with the program and the weight loss. An added plus was the daily feed back on the progress!
Paloma Gomez
Paloma G.
01:44 21 Jun 19
I reached my goal weight by losing 24 pounds during the 40 day Health Program. BUT, what surprised me the most were the Health Benefits: all of my swelling is gone, my energy is incredible, I sleep soundly and most importantly I FEEL AMAZING.Dr. Urshan’s program was so easy to follow and I was never hungry—————His staff was so supportive.I knew that I had a bad thyroid and my hormones felt out of balance. Now I look great-my skin looks fantastic and my friends cannot believe the changes.I have to say it, MY CLOTHES FIT........MY CLOTHES FIT😊The best part is that they teach you how to keep the weight off. Thanks to his team and my interest in getting my health back on track. Please try it-It’s the only diet that worked for me. Paloma
Gina Campbell
Gina C.
00:10 20 Jun 19
I have been so happy with the weight loss and detox program with Dr. Urshan. It is completely safe, effective and well worth it. I have learned how to reprogram my mind about food. So many problems and health issues can be healed by simply learning what foods are best for you personally as well as breaking habits of addiction that become a mental trap. I started the program Jan 2019 and have lost almost 60 lbs to this point. Please realize that it takes sacrifice to get what you want. This is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. The program and staff at Dr. Urshan's office is always available and willing to help in any way possible. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and understand the basis to good health. Thanks Dr. Urshan!!!😀
Kelly Clark
Kelly C.
11:53 17 Jun 19
Dr. Urshan is very knowledgeable and professional but most importantly he is passionate about his program. He is right there with you along the journey and helps you every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Pam M
Pam M
22:33 14 Jun 19
I just wanna thank Dr Urshan and his staff for helping me get healthy. This program is amazing. I lost 23lbs and I feel great. I learned so much from the program and now know what I need to do to continue on this path to health. Thanks again Dr Urshan.
rebekah petty
rebekah P.
15:54 12 Jun 19
FYI..... I am a previous client of Dr. Urshan and did not receive any benefit for the review.I was very cautious going into this weight loss program. I was scared of the cost, I was scared of being hungry(sugar addict), I was scared of failing and scared it really would not work. But I did my research and I knew it was 500 calories, I knew how much it cost, I knew I would most likely only see Dr Urshan one time, I knew there are no refunds(but there is a guarantee of 20lb weight loss no matter how long it takes), I knew typically men lose more than women and I read good and bad reviews. I am so happy I did not base my decision on the negative reviews. I am a 49yrs and at the end forty days I had lost 26lbs. I am now 3.5 months out and am up to a 40lb weight loss. This works if you do the program without cheating and you have a positive mind set. Dr Urshan text me everyday multiple times. He even text me on Saturday and Sunday. His texts were not automated they were very specific to my conversation. He would encourage me when I felt I wasnt losing fast enough or when I plateaued. I also called the office A LOT and was always greeted with welcomed answers to my questions. Like Dr Urshan says "you can do anything for 40 days!" Because of my weight loss I was able to have a mommy makeover(plastic surgery) and I finally feel good about myself.Thank you Dr Urshan for changing my life and to Amanda, Shirley, Jillian and all the others for helping me along the way.
Bianca Smith
Bianca S.
19:02 08 Jun 19
Rachael Vareela
Rachael V.
16:15 08 Jun 19
I had a phenomenal experience with this program. I lost 21.4 lbs! The staff is available for any questions you may have. I was also able to ask questions via text which is really convenient for me. It’s pricey, but if I added up all the money I’d already spent on thing that didn’t work, it would far exceed the program’s cost.
13:07 19 May 19
Doing the Dr Urshan weight loss plan was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I feel healthier and I was able to stop taking BP meds!
Selena Fuller
Selena F.
12:26 19 May 19
I love this program! I lost 36 pounds in 40 days and have more energy and feel amazing. You just need to follow the program and not stray. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to become a healthier person.
Ronald Napolitano
Ronald N.
12:43 14 May 19
Dr. Urshan's Nutrimost Program is amazingly effective. I lost 40 pounds in 41 days. I did not lose weight everyday, but daily texting my weight as requested resulted in positive daily feedback concerning breaking through plateauing [several days without weight loss]. This diet requires discipline and counting calories, but , believe me, the result is worth the effort. Never was I craving food between meals and seeing results almost on a daily basis encourages you stay with the program. I highly recommend the program.
Elsie Valenciano
Elsie V.
15:13 13 May 19
Prior to my appointment with Dr. Urshan I was feeling fatigue, suffered from arthritis and not feeling good with the weight I had put on. When I first heard about Dr. Urshan Health & Weight Loss Center was through my 84 year old mom. "She said to me you need to call Dr. Urshan." My mom has never given me wrong advise before, so I called Dr. Urshan. I am absolutely thrilled and thankful I reached out to Dr. Urshan when I did. Today I am feeling healthier, my energy level has increased, fatigue and arthritis pain are a thing of the past. I am very happy I called Dr. Urshan when I did. I began the program on April 1, 2019 and today I feel better than I felt in a real long time. I have lost a total of 30 lbs since I started the program. Thank you Dr. Urshan and staff.
Amanda Milligan
Amanda M.
14:51 12 May 19
Working with Dr. Urshan and his staff has been so easy! Everyone is super friendly and supportive. The program does take some will-power and discipline, but everything else is very easy to follow. I would have never ever believed I could lose 33lbs in 40days! This experience exceeded my expectations and I hope to work with Dr. Urshan and staff to help me get to my next goal!
Michaela Feinman
Michaela F.
23:47 11 May 19
If you follow the plan and put 100% in, you get real results!! I would recommend!
Renee Kovalycsik
Renee K.
11:46 11 May 19
They say weight loss is not easy. Let me tell you Dr Urshon‘s plan is easy! Follow the plan and you will see the results. I gained 42 pounds after having surgery. After starting Dr Urshon‘s plan I am moving better and feeling better, losing 34 pounds in 45 days. The secret is planning! Plan your meals and stick to your plan. Having a support system to keep you in check and stay true to yourself is an excellent idea. Remember this is a short term diet with long-term results.
Dawn Morningstar
Dawn M.
20:24 28 Apr 19
So far I have lost 36 pounds in 70 days. Dr. Urshan and his staff are great! They are so helpful and supportive. As long as you stick with the plan
Julie M
Julie M
14:33 28 Apr 19
Best decision I’ve made in a long time!! I was at my lowest when I finally made the decision to go talk to Dr. Urshan and his staff. After starting the program I saw results on day 2. I actually enjoyed the program because I saw results and felt so much better, but absolutely no cheating...at all.I checked in with Tonya every 2 weeks in person and texted my daily weight to Dr. Urshan which kept me accountable. I would highly recommend Dr. Urshan! If you have tried everything, still can’t lose the weight or keep it off then this is the program for you! Don’t wait another day! Do this!
Juliet Piedrahita
Juliet P.
17:26 27 Apr 19
I would to thanks Dr Urshan and his team, during the program got a lot support , information and I lost 25 lbs , the program is excellent and it works also teach the importance of eating healthy , sleeping . The staff members are very good if you call they help a lot they have lots knowledge specially Amanda. I'm so grateful with Dr Urshan and his team.
Simone Rowson
Simone R.
17:53 25 Apr 19
Dr. Urshan showed me how to get healthy and lose the extra pounds without medications, just clean and smart eating. When I went through the program I learned how to change the way I think about food and how my body processes it. It is amazing how free you feel when you are not consumed with sugar cravings and carb addiction! You are taught to listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs in the right way. Shirley and the rest of the staff are always there to answer questions and are extremely responsive regardless of your needs. It is not only a metabolism reset but an education on how to treat your body well to live a healthier lifestyle. Once you realize the process on how you can change from burning sugar and carbs to being an efficient fat burning "machine" you will feel so amazing just like I do!!
Erin Pisarkiewicz
Erin P.
17:24 25 Apr 19
I have heard great things about Dr. Urshan Health & Weight Loss Center from friends and family. I have been looking into an all natural way to lose weight from 2 back to back pregnancies and this seems like the best solution. I have tried many diets and I will lose the weight and then regain it fairly quickly. The all natural approach and the end result of keeping the weight off permanently, while keeping your energy high suits my busy lifestyle. In addition the office staff is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. I look forward to sharing the results of my weight loss journey.
Natalie Aquilia
Natalie A.
15:45 25 Apr 19
I am a current patient at The Dr. Urshan's Health & Weight Loss Center. I have done every diet under the sun and this is the first program I have ever done that is showing me day by day the results I need to meet my weight loss goal of 40 pounds in 40 days. Dr. Urshan and his staff are keeping me motivated each and everyday answering any questions I have to ensure that I meet my weight loss goal and keep me on track. I’m eager to see how many pounds I’ll be down at the end of the 40 days because currently I’m on day 10 and down about 13.8 pounds. This program works and it can work for you too as long as you keep on track and stay motivated. The Dr.Urshan Health & Weight Loss Center gives you the tools you need to succeed.-Natalie
Lisa Converse
Lisa C.
14:27 25 Apr 19
I am a previous patient of The Dr. Urshan's Health & Weight Loss Center. I completed the program a couple of years ago and I wanted to share that Dr. Urshan's program is THE ONLY weight loss program I have ever done (And I have done MANY!!) where the weight has stayed off. My 30 lb loss from the 40 day program was life changing and still is. I have been able to maintain even after having completed the short program years ago. I truly recommend anyone looking to not just lose weight but feel healthy, energetic and beautiful again to try this program. If you have questions, ask me. I was skeptical at first but this program is a real life changer.Lisa CPS - Thank you Dr. Urshan and the amazing team for all your support and continued guidance!!
Ringo D
Ringo D
15:09 21 Apr 19
This program opens one's eyes to the junk that a person puts into the body. Discipline is a must. But it's not that difficult to do.
Lyly Oquendo
Lyly O.
13:44 20 Apr 19
Nick Oquendo, I was on the verge of taking meds for insulin resistance when I decided to try Dr. Urshans plan. When I saw the plan and was not sure I could do it. I started at 243 on day one and on day 41 I am 206.6.A total 36.4 pounds and it really was not hard. The Dr. Urshan and his team were very helpful.
aaron cox
aaron C.
15:12 14 Apr 19
Good program, the support and accountability helped me lose 36 pounds in 40 days and feel good about myself!
James Canfield
James C.
15:06 14 Apr 19
Dr Urshan’s program is fantastic! If you are serious about your weight or health goals, he can get you there. 5 months after the program, I’m still right where I need to be. You are worth the investment in yourself.
Maria Arruda
Maria A.
15:33 07 Apr 19
I was pretty skeptical about this program, but decided to give it a chance. The program works! I lost 30 pounds in 40 days following the program. I am excited to begin the next phase of the program using the tools and skills that I learned for lifelong healthy weight. Special thanks to Amanda for being such a fabulous coach! Thank you.
Lisa Badyna
Lisa B.
11:29 07 Apr 19
This program gives me the structure that I need. Blood Pressure medication is no longer needed. I feel amazing!!! Down 30 pounds and still going!!
Karen Epsom
Karen E.
19:07 06 Apr 19
Positive results, attentive staff. Requires a committment, but well worth it.
jackie young
jackie Y.
21:32 02 Apr 19
Susan Johnson
Susan J.
19:29 30 Mar 19
I have been on Dr. Urshan’s weight loss program for 16 days and it has been a true life changing event for me. I was diagnosed with diabetes in December of 2018 with a 10.7 A1C. The doctor said I had glucose readings above the 200’s on a daily basis for over 6 months as to why my A1C was that high. Within the first 5 days of being very diligent in following my personal plan from Dr. Urshan; my daily glucose levels went way down into the mid 70’s to low 80’s consecutively. I had a couple of mornings where my glucose was 60. That’s when I emailed my regular physician and ask to stop taking my meds. He agreed and now I no longer take diabetic medication. This was the goal as to why I wanted to do this weight loss plan. It has now become my life style. Next medicine to get rid of is the high cholesterol and blood pressure medications. Thanks Dr. Urshan for helping me reach my goals of not taking any medications at the ripe age of 54.
Gary Jordan
Gary J.
14:50 24 Mar 19
I’ve been trying to loose weight for the last 5 years diet exercise and all I did was put weight on, finally had to try something different. To my amazement I lost 30lbs in40 days. I certainly would recommend dr. Urshan for those that are looking to make a positive life change
Ron Greene
Ron G.
20:48 23 Mar 19
I started Dr Urshan’s weight loss program. I lost 35 lbs. and 4 inches in the waist in 40 day’s. To me it was an investment. Thanks Dr. Urshan for all your help.
Charles Glausier
Charles G.
14:39 18 Mar 19
I am a very busy attorney who runs his own firm with seven employees. Nonetheless, I was able to manage the program surprisingly easy, despite a busy schedule of trials, hearings and payroll deadlines.I am also a type-2 diabetic. Before the program, I was taking 40 units of insulin a day. 25 days in to the program, my primary care doctor took me off insulin altogether.500 to 800 calories a day may sound impossible, but everything in the program (e.g., eating fruit an hour after your meal, sipping nutrients throughout the day, etc.) is geared to your success. Of course, I had cravings. BUT I WAS NOT HUNGRY.Now down 30 lbs. in just 40 days, I can say that this program IS THE REAL DEAL. If you follow the instructions for a relatively short period of time (64 days), you will lose weight, detox your body, and feel better than you ever have before. You owe it to yourself to change your life.
Cliff Borter
Cliff B.
18:23 17 Mar 19
Arlena Chisholm
Arlena C.
02:51 17 Mar 19
I loss 27lbs in 40 days and I feel great.My breathing is much better and I have not had to use my inhaler during this time.Dr. Urshan's weight loss and wellness program works!
Dick Jessup
Dick J.
14:24 16 Mar 19
After hearing the ads on the FM radio, I decided to investigate. Weight loss is something I had tried on my own but just was never successful.After listening to the presentation and meeting with Dr. Urshan, I decided to go all in. Its a forty day focused program followed by another 24 days. You buy your own food and you work to the reduced daily caloric intake and eliminate the items which the program tells you to, I believe anyone can be successful. I have lost 35 pounds over the course 57 days and have learned what it takes to keep the new weight in checkI feel great!! You will learn what to eat and what to avoid. Organic beef, pork and chicken go along way.There are no gimmicks! It’s basic stuff that some of us got away from. Limit white flour, pasta, white potatoes and of course sugar.THE KEY: COMMIT YOURSELF AND FOLLOW THE RULES.And be ready to update your wardrobe with smaller sizes.There is also a new program for existing clients focused on cleaning up fat cells. Very worthwhile.
Mary Jessup
Mary J.
22:04 15 Mar 19
My experience with Dr. Urshan and his office has been outstanding. Not only does his weight and Ultra Slim programs work, his staff is awesome. Appointments are always on time and it is a pleasure to work with Dr. Urshan and his staff.
Gabino San Emeterio
Gabino San E.
13:39 15 Mar 19
I lost 38 lbs in 40 days! Eating food I loved. I wasn’t hungry through the diet. They truly teach you how to reset your body’s metabolism, & the foods that affect your weight gain. Not just a weight loss clinic proscribing pills. They have truely broken down the science to weight loss! Thank You Dr Urshan & staff for my new body!PS the staff is awesome as well!
Michelle Baron
Michelle B.
21:19 13 Mar 19
Let me preface this by saying that I've tried other weight loss programs in the area in the past 10 years, all with the same results: I'd lose a significant amount of weight and then I'd gain it all back plus some more. In June 2018, I started the Dr. Urshan Weight Loss program. My starting weight was 192 and by the end of the 40 day program, I was down to 169. Over 20 lbs in 40 days, that's not bad. But the story doesn't end there. Because what this program does is it resets your weight set point. My new weight set point at the end of the 40 days was 169, but I was delighted to find that at the end of the 3 week reset portion of the program that follows the 40 day diet, I continued to lose weight. From 169 down to 142. An additional 27 lbs on top of the 23 I'd lost in the 40 days of the diet. A total of 50 lbs in 61 days. And the best part is, this is the ONLY weight loss program that I've tried in which the weight has stayed off! Evidently my new weight set point is 142, because in the 7 months since completing the program, I've maintained that weight with only slightly gaining some around the holidays, but it always returns to around 142 - 140.The customer service is outstanding, the staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. If you're struggling with the diet or have a question, they are a phone call away and ready to help.What does it cost? That's the question everyone wants to know. I can tell you for a FACT that it is comparable to other weight loss centers and programs in the Tampa Bay area. I know, because I tried them. In fact, it might end up costing you less in the end, because with the Dr. Urshan program, all of your supplements are included when you sign up. You don't have to continuously refill your supplements & you don't have to continue buying more prepackaged food from their office, (They don't have prepackaged food at all). You don't have to visit their office every week to check on your progress, they have you text in your weight each morning to keep you on track. And if your weight loss plateaus, their service texts you back with advise on how to break that plateau. And again, the weight STAYS OFF. So you're not going to shell out thousands of dollars (as I have with other programs) only to gain back everything that you've lost. They offer several options to pay for the program, you could pay up front as I did, (Thanks credit card!) which is around $1800, or you can opt for longer monthly payment plans that are flexible for any budget. And remember, you're not buying additional supplements, you're not going back in every few weeks to buy more prepackaged "diet" food, when you start this program, you get every supplement you're going to need for the duration of the diet up front. What is the cost? It doesn't matter, because it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. Honestly, if I added up the cost of all the other programs I tried before this one, and subtracted the cost for the Dr. Urshan plan, I'd have saved at least $2,000+ if I'd only done this program to begin with.Seriously folks, this is the last weight loss program you will ever need or use. I cannot endorse this enough. Thank you to everyone at the Dr. Urshan clinic! I'm thrilled with the results and I miss all your bright and smiling faces!
J White
J W.
05:11 12 Mar 19
Thanks to Dr. Urshan's 40-day program I have regained my focus on living a healthier lifestyle. I made the commitment to follow the program without wavering and it truly paid off. I have lost the weight I have been struggling to lose for several years. Meal planning has been the key to my success. Real food, plan your meals accordingly, what else can you ask for? I've learned so much and I'm looking forward to the remainder of this journey. The girls in the office are awesome and were there to support me along the way. Make the commitment, you will be amazed what you can do and how great you will feel!
TJay Stoian
TJay S.
21:18 11 Mar 19
Cari Anderson
Cari A.
15:44 11 Mar 19
I just completed Dr. Urshan's 40-day Program. I've been on every program out there - you name it - I tried it. I've never achieved success until now.This program is truly the best. I thought it cumbersome at first, but it got easier after the first few days. It's worth investing in - when I added up my 2018 receipts from "fast food" restaurants - I spent more than this program cost.In 40 days I lost 26+ lbs. With more energy I feel great. Menus are easy to follow and made grocery shopping [my dreaded sport] so much easier and faster. I also got used to portion sizes and could eat out occasionally with confidence. This is the longest I've stayed on any program, enjoyed the homemade food [not packaged] and was never hungry. I actually found out what food tastes like without all the additives and flavorings.The daily weigh-in report kept me focused and on course. I found the office staff extremely welcoming, understanding and always helpful.I want to thank Dr. Urshan for his plan and his encouragement every day!! [ Emogies work great] I will continue with the program until I obtain my goal.
Robin Goskowsky
Robin G.
15:49 10 Mar 19
This program changed my life! When I started I was on high blood pressure medicine - I am no longer. When I was discouraged with hitting a plateau, the staff (especially Tonya) was extremely supportive and encouraging. My husband is doing the program and has had GREAT success as well. I am very thankful to Dr. Urshan and his staff for giving me back my health and self esteem. And to all those naysayers who say it’s too expensive - aren’t you worth it? I know we were and it has saved us more money in medical expenses than the cost of the plan!!!
Kevin McKeon
Kevin M.
12:29 03 Mar 19
Having just turned 62, I thought daily aches and pains and feeling sluggish was just part of getting old. I started reading ads and testimonials about the Dr. Urshan weight loss program and all of them mentioned that feeling better was the best part of the program. That peaked my curiosity and I went through the program. Thrilled with the results, haven't felt this good in years. To top it off I lost 37 pounds and have discovered healthy foods that I will continue to enjoy!
Christy Slocum
Christy S.
16:26 02 Mar 19
This program absolutely works! I know because I’ve lived it! Sure it’s hard work but what isn’t that’s worth it?! You just have to want it bad enough. Staying positive and trusting the doctors knowledge is a key part of this program. I am a 45 year old woman who had a hysterectomy in 2016 by Dr. Ignacio Armas and currently taking hormones. The program has given me results beyond what I could have ever imagined. It worked for me when nothing else would. So far I have lost 27lbs and counting. My honey has lost 33lbs and counting. We have learned so much about our body chemistry and how our metabolism works. Dr. Urshan and his staff has taught us how to eat healthy. It’s all about our food choices and how much we eat at a time. This program makes you accountable for those choices. I highly recommend this program.Forever grateful,~Christy Slocum
Alexander Laird
Alexander L.
16:02 02 Mar 19
Dr. Urshan is exactly what I've been searching for. Nothing worked for me my whole life, until this! Not only did I lose 40lbs in 40 days, which is guaranteed, but I'm learning how to keep it off and live a healthier life.. with real food I buy in the store.No expensive frozen food delivered to you and once it's over you're on your own. This is all my choice in what I eat, learning more about the science of food and what I put in my body to lose weight and be healthy.Thank you Dr. Urshan! A million times thank you. For every extra minute I have now with my boy and wife.
Karen Saunders
Karen S.
14:08 19 Feb 19
Staff and Dr Urshan are amazing and extremely supportive. The dailey check in's kept me motivated. I knew they were there rooting me on each step of the way.
Todd Jones
Todd J.
13:18 17 Feb 19
I went to the Largo, FL office and just wanted to take a moment and reflect back on the last 45 days of this outstanding program. I have lost 49.8 pounds in the last 45 days and I feel amazing. Dr. Urshan and his staff are very friendly and encouraging and were able to answer all my questions. I cannot express how effective this program is if you follow it to the letter. If you are like I was and are tired of not being in the best health possible, reach out to the folks at Dr. Urshan and see what they can help you do. You will be amazed. I know I am. Thank you Dr. Urshan and Alex - Much respect and gratitude.Todd Jones
Daryl Wert
Daryl W.
12:58 17 Feb 19
Lost 66 pounds on this plan. The first week is tough but the remaining time was surprisingly easy. With a commitment to following Dr Urshan’s direction and a positive attitude, anyone can do this! I encourage anyone that wants to get healthier to try Dr Urshan.
Tad Campbell
Tad C.
00:51 02 Feb 19
Dr. Urhsan and his staff are the ultimate health care team. Emphasis on care. They genuinely do and show it in all they say and do. They were fully committed toward helping me not just lose weight —which I did, almost 30 pounds— more so, they have themselves been on the program and used their personal knowledge in encouraging and cheering me on. The daily texts check in’s with Dr. Urshan were a huge source of inspiration. Never did I feel alone. The program works wonders and I am not only thinner, I am much healthier. My adult acne is gone, I no longer take high blood pressure medication, and I have unstoppable energy without the need for sugar or caffeine. The supplements work and the detox resets your metabolism, but the best supplement, is the Dr. Urshan team. This is not a program for someone looking for a quick fix, it takes time, daily commitment and focus. However, in just 40 days I became a whole new person. I’m 54 and back to my college weight. These guys are angels among us. Trust me. Thanks Dr. Urshan and team. You shall always have a special place in my heart.
Barbara Haugsoen
Barbara H.
03:26 28 Jan 19
Kim Valentine
Kim V.
04:44 25 Jan 19
I experienced Nutrimost in Cleveland three years ago. I successful kept 25 pounds off about 2.5 years. The stress of doing a big move across the country put some weight on. I did a check-in appointment here last November, just to see how my numbers were. January 1st I re-started the program at the Largo office. The staff here couldn't be more kind, encouraging, or helpful. Dr. Urshan is confident, patient, and genuine as he describes the program and why it works. I've offered before to do commercials for free, because this is amazing, as it heals from a cellular level. Priceless. I'm a fan for life.
nichole stanley
nichole S.
21:54 18 Jan 19
Alison Alfonso
Alison A.
00:56 17 Jan 19
Great experience! Dr. Urshan and his staff are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this program if you are looking to lose weight and feel better about yourself!
S Jonesey
S J.
16:45 05 Dec 18
Awesome!! Feel amazing after more than three years.
Jeff White
Jeff W.
19:33 01 Dec 18
Jeri Hunter
Jeri H.
18:33 01 Dec 18
Dr. Urshan gave me inspiration everyday I was amazed that he took the time to text me back on a holiday. The staff there is wonderful and encouraging every time I had a question. Was it worth the money? Absolutely!
Amanda F
Amanda F
19:57 29 Nov 18
I lost 43 pounds on Dr. Urshan's weight loss program! Best thing I've ever done for myself and my health, plus the staff is AWESOME! 😁
Jamie Mayeaux
Jamie M.
16:36 23 Oct 18
This is a great program that really delivers as advertised. I lost 27 pounds in 40 days and am continuing to lose weight. The diet is extremely healthy and natural and has retrained my metabolism to burn fat.I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about losing unhealthy weight and improving your overall health and lifestyle. Dr. Urshan and his staff offer great support every step of the way and really care about your success in achieving your goals. Great program and very doable!
Julie C
Julie C
04:21 19 Oct 18
I am extremely happy with how this weight loss program worked.! I feel great. Everyone ( including Dr. Urshan) was very helpful and supportive. The program itself was a challenge but worth the money! I lost about 30 pounds in 44 days. I’m still losing now and 10 pounds away from my goal. It’s been more than 5 years since I’ve been this healthy!
Carmen Cruz
Carmen C.
21:47 07 Oct 18
This review is long overdue, but better late than never I suppose. When I signed up for this I was 17 years old, and needed help loosing weight that was not intense physical activity due to a spine injury. I have actually had back surgery, and gained a lot of weight thereafter because I could do very little physically for a number of years. This program was not easy, the instructions were overwhelming and at times it was really really difficult to follow. But I give it 5 stars because of the experience, and the results. By far my favorite thing about this experience was my coach Jullien, and all the ladies on staff. Every time I walked in the door, I received nothing but support and encouragement. Many of the people on staff went through the program, same as me, and offered lots of helpful tips and positive reinforcement. In addition, I have lost just about a total of 50 lbs. What's even better, is that I received a good health education, so I am left with lots of tools to continue loosing weight on my own, and I have. Truly a life-changing experience, I would absolutely advise others to try it as well.
Frank Gilligan
Frank G.
20:43 26 Sep 18
It was a wonderful and very productive weight loss experience.I lost 40 lbs and have been maintaining 216-217 for many weeks now.Your staff of Amanda, Jillian and Shirley were very professional, helpful, and had direction to help me whenever I phoned with food NOs and many tips.I had most of my communications with Amanda, and she was GREAT.Give her a Big Raise !
Antonia williams
Antonia W.
18:21 25 Sep 18
Sara Mushani
Sara M.
18:20 25 Sep 18
Dr. Urshan was very thorough on his introduction and with the explanation of how the program works very polite and professional. His Staff is EXTRAORDINARY!! I see Tonya and she is the BEST!! they are with you all the way!! Even in times of struggle!! I have lost 20 lbs so far and going for more. I highly recommend them!! They are worth every single penny.
Gina DeAngelo
Gina D.
17:11 25 Sep 18
I couldn't lose a pound before I came to Dr. Urshan. I had tried everything, diet, exercise etc. I just kept gaining. On this program I have lost 26 lbs in a little over 40 days. I have learned how to lose weight correctly and stay healthy. I want to lose another 25 pounds, approximately, so I will definitely be back for their help. Dr. Urshan and the office staff have been there every step of the way. Thank you all so much! I highly recommend this program!
brian hardy
brian H.
22:24 30 Aug 18
All I can say is Dr Urshan and his team are awesome. I’m a 51 year old male who was struggling to loose the weight. But thanks to Dr Urshan and his great team it came off very fast. I have lost 30lbs and it’s staying off. I am a very happy client. Amanda was awesome and truly showed she cared about helping me in any way. I would very highly recommend you give them a call if I can do this working outside in this Florida heat anyone can. Keep up the good workBrian
Patricia Abel
Patricia A.
23:33 27 Aug 18
Robert Fitzner
Robert F.
12:54 27 Aug 18
Darla Johnson
Darla J.
18:29 25 Aug 18
Our college son gained more than the freshman 15 he doubled that along with added health issues which made us realize we needed more than a diet we needed a life long mental and physical change for our son. After hearing about Dr Urshans program and seeing patient results we made that first appt and never looked back. Dr Urshans combination of eating fresh meats veggies and fruit along with organic plant based supplements perfectly matched my sons body chemistry and targeted fat zones melting 30 pounds away in 40 days! Jake is back to his high school weight has more energy confidence and is stronger better than ever! My advice commit and focus on process not immediate results. FOLLOW PLAN RESULTS COME! Thank you Dr Urshan and caring staff who stay by your side every single day and pound you lose! You truly changed Jakes life! Grateful Hearts, Darla and John Johnson
Jacob Johnson
Jacob J.
01:01 25 Aug 18
This was the best life decision I ever made. DR Urshain, is an amazing guy and his staff is great. This program is truly amazing and made me into a better version of myself. I lost 30 pounds in 40 days, and I feel incredible. Dr urshains program changed my life, I was overweight and I Needed a complete lifestyle change. This program did exactly that for me and is a miracle and Dr urshain helped me and guided me each day during this program into making myself a healthy happy person again. I can finally live my life happy and feel good and be the healthy happy version of myself because of dr urshain and his program. I would highly recommend this program, to anyone he is such a brilliant personable doctor. And knows exactly how to transform you into a product of health and happiness. With This program I can’t say enough and how happy I am that I went to dr urshain. I am so excited to live the rest of my life happy and healthy thanks to him and his wonderful staff.
Traci Koster
Traci K.
15:13 23 Aug 18
I am so thankful I found Dr. Urshan Health & Weight Loss Center. I was struggling to lose the last of my “baby weight” from having my children. I thought I only had 10 pounds to lose, but I ended up losing 26 pounds, and I am thinner than I was during college. More importantly, my daily headaches are gone, I’m sleeping better, and I have more energy throughout my days. I couldn’t have done it without the constant support from my personal “coach”, Tonya who was absolutely amazing every step of the way (no matter how silly my questions were)! This program helped me regain control of my body, my health, and my life. If you are willing to commit to changing your life for the better, this program provides all of the tools you will need. Cannot say enough great things!
Jon H.
13:01 22 Aug 18
When I finally made the decision to lose weight I wasn't sure what to do or how to do it. I had tried other plans/diets with little to no real success. I heard about the results people were having with Dr. Urshan and did my research. I did not know what to expect and was bit skeptical of what my results would be. But, I was committed to losing the weight I had put on over the years. I thought it would be a lot harder and take far more time than it did to lose the weight I have lost. I could not be happier with my results. I lost approximately 55lbs while on the plan. This is all due to the knowledge and tools Dr. Urshan and his staff empowerd me with. This diet is a life changer and is still working for me. I have lost an additional 30 to 40 pounds since coming off the diet. The side benifits are immeasurable and I could not be more pleased with my results. I will continue to use what I have learned and keep the weight off. All thanks to Dr. Urshan and his AMAZING staff. If you are 100% committed to losing weight I highly suggest this plan. It worked for me.
Yanelly Leota
Yanelly L.
13:11 20 Aug 18
Beyond Happy with my results
Sonja Bussell
Sonja B.
16:08 16 Aug 18
I cannot say enough about Dr. Urshan and his staff. Professional, caring, and responsive! The program itself really does work, and I truly thought nothing would work for me in order to lose weight. Schedule a consultation and see for yourself!
Rose D
Rose D
23:36 09 Aug 18
I lost 20 pounds in 40 days with the help of Dr. Urshan Health & Weight Loss Center. The program was easy to follow and I was never hungry. I shopped at my regular grocery store, cooked what I loved and the weight just came off. No shots or magic weight loss pills or hormone. It's holistic! And I felt better on this program than ever!! So much energy, so focused and great sleep! With the guidance of Dr. Urshan and his team you will not fail! They all were absolutely amazing in helping with this process and were available every day if I had a question, even on Sunday! Stay focused, follow the program and you'll do great!
Peter Kip
Peter K.
02:52 07 Aug 18
Very pleased. Followed program and lost 41 lbs. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to loose a substantial amount of weight!
Andrew Forman
Andrew F.
15:57 06 Aug 18
'Dieting' is not a feel good event, it involves discipline and sacrifice for even the most dedicated who are committed to losing weight and upping their health. Dr. Urshan Health & Weight Loss Program really helped in motivating me to achieve that level of motivation and focus necessary to begin the long process of losing a substantial amount of weight and improving my overall health. The Staff was pleasant and efficient. Dr. Urshan was key in my success. I texted him every morning, sometimes several time each day when I have a question or a choice to make. He was always there with a prompt response. I lost 41.6 in 40 days. I am entering into Phase 3 and know that there are no magic pills but I always felt tremendous support from Dr, Urshan and if you are ready to focus and make the commitment to follow the diet, take the supplements and have the right attitude, you will have success.
Debra Hager
Debra H.
23:37 05 Aug 18
I completed the Dr. Urshan programAnd lost 32 lbs in 40 daysThere is absolutely no weight loss program that has been able to give me this kind of result in this amount of timeThis is an incredible programDr. Urshan and his staff are always there to answer questions and are very supportiveI am truly amazed by the results and so gratefulTo Dr. Urshan and his staff!If you are struggling to get the weight off and feeling disappointed by the slow resultsThis is the program for you!Get healthy and find the new you!
Diana Fuller
Diana F.
14:55 02 Aug 18
I’m am very pleased with the weight loss plan! Very simple to follow. The staff is great and a lifeline to success! I lost 22 pounds in 40 days! I still can’t believe how easy the weight came off and I was not starving! I did the work and it paid off! Now I have a better understanding of how to nourish my body to stay healthy. Thank you doctor Urshan and staff!! I highly recommend this plan!
Dan Gaddi
Dan G.
12:32 02 Aug 18
Very happy with the program and having great success, I lost 36 pounds in 38 days. Very easy and safely planned out. Great support from my coach Amanda. Off my blood pressure pills.So I would comment by saying loose the weight and maybe loose the meds!!
Perry Haley
Perry H.
09:53 02 Aug 18
This program has been incredible. Lost over 40 # and learned quite a bit that should help me to maintain a healthy weight. I have energy I haven't experienced in decades! Thanks Dr. Urshan!!!
Steven Riczu
Steven R.
17:56 01 Aug 18
Dr Urshan plan has changed my life I’ve lost 29lbs to date have 6more to reach my goals. Which wil be in a few more days.? I feel great 👍 and am very pleased 😀 with Dr Urshan’s and team support and guidance on my new lifestyle journey! Thank you 😊 all very much!
Vivi young
Vivi Y.
17:22 01 Aug 18
I knew I needed to loose weight, but with menopause and all my inflammation it was very difficult. I would give up sugar and carbs a few weeks and only loose a few pounds. I tried the pharma method and had a bad cardiac reaction to the medicine. Luckily a friend told me about Dr. Urshsn so I made the call. I really needed my blood pressure to lower. I thought it was expensive at first, but when you figure in the cost of the medicine and dr. Visits on other programs it is very comparable. Not to mention all the money I saved when I quit eating fast food. The staff is so pleasant and helpful. Dr. Urshan’s program was a life saver for me. When I did other programs I gained the weight back after I quit taking the medicine, because there was nothing in place for maintenance. A large part of Dr. Urshan’s program is the weight setting and maintenance. My body feels great, and the minimal clean eating has allowed me to identify allergies/triggers that were causing me discomfort. Most importantly my blood pressure is now within normal range!
Laurie Brantley
Laurie B.
20:18 26 Jul 18
Dr Urshan’s staff was great in every way. I felt like they were on this journey with me. I had struggled in the past to lose weight but this diet absolutely worked! I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in years. It changed my life❤️
Tania Rhoden
Tania R.
16:15 25 Jul 18
I lost 26 ponds in 40 days with Dr. Urshan. This program truly changed my life. Right now the assessment is free and I urge everyone to at least do the assessment and hear what they have to say!
Warnell Guzman
Warnell G.
14:21 16 Jul 18
I've always been an active guy who worked out at least 4 times a week, but bad eating habits raised my weight up to 230 lbs at one point and for someone who's 5'9" that's A LOT, I suffer from high blood pressure and was on the edge of becoming a diabetic, getting home after work required a nap before I could do anything else, at night my snoring was easily heard by the neighbors, my health wasn't good at all even though I didn't feel bad (I thought). After seeing the results of Mike Calta and Sandra Carmin, from the Mike Calta Show I decided to go and try this program. I love how the program is designed individually and how supportive Dr. Urshan and his team are, they gave us tips on meal preparations to endure the 40 days. Right now I'm on day 46 weighting 188 pounds, enjoying healthy meals, feeling more active, my snoring has practically disappeared, no longer fearing diabetes, next month I have my doctor's appointment to see if I can get off my medication which will enough to offset the investment made in the program.This program has changed my bad habits and it's making me feel amazing (looking great and fitting into size 34's from 38's is secondary).If you need help getting healthy go and visit Dr. Urshan, you won't regret it. Anyone can go through this. Is not hard.
14:02 16 Jul 18
My husband and I just recently completed the 40 day program with great success. He lost 40 lbs and I lost 22 lbs. I was skeptical on our ability to consume only 500 calories and not feel starved. With the supplements and support that they provide, it wasn't difficult in the least. We felt good and were energized!! My husband was on 3 different blood pressure medicines and he is now down to only one. It's highly successful if you are disciplined and follow the program exactly. We are huge fans!!!
Chad Schroeder
Chad S.
19:46 15 Jul 18
Dr. Urshan and his entire staff were professional and helpful during the entire process. They clearly explained all aspects of the program, and were always available to answer any questions.I have lost 48 pounds following their system. I am confident that I now have the tools to make healthy eating choices and keep the weight off.Thank you Dr. Urshan!
Kathi Stewart
Kathi S.
19:26 15 Jul 18
I was skeptical at first. I needed to be on a process free, organic, diet due to my recent health issues and fibromyalgia diagnosis. Dr. Urshan was the only diet plan and facility that promoted that kind of healthy eating with supplements that promoted that new approach. I wanted to loose weight, be healthy and train my body to not crave sugar, carbs and processed foods. I am happy to report I have lost 35 pounds. I found the program easy to follow and I would highly recommend it. I feel amazing, I have energy and no aching pains and my blood pressure has been reduced. The staff was always on hand and supportive and best part was that Dr. Urshan reached out to me personally He truly cares and takes a hands on interest in your success and makes himself accesible for health and support. I'm still working the program and will continue to until I loose the additional 30 pounds which is my goal. Success at 50 days of a 35 pound weight loss and feeling fantastic is a great start. Don't wait! Call Dr. Urshan and his Staff today.Kathi S.
Gary C
Gary C
15:53 11 Jul 18
I used Dr. Urshan and the NutriMost system for the past 68 days. I am down 32 pounds, 4" in my waist, and wearing L shirts instead of XL. I am very happy with the program and the support of the staff and technology. I needed someone else to be accountable too, and this program fit the bill. You will loose the weight if you can keep to the program. It does take mental discipline and a commitment. Its not easy, but its not too hard either. Your family needs to support you in this process. The day you increase your calories and your weight stays the same, your metabolism has restarted, is a magical day for a man in his 50's who has not had a metabolism in years! Thanks Dr. Urshan, **** in Tampa
Raechelle Piasecki
Raechelle P.
15:44 11 Jul 18
I lost 33 lbs in 40 days with doctor Urshan and i feel great. The staff is amazing especially Shirley. Would recommend this program to anyone trying to lose weight or to just make a lifestyle change. It really works
Vanessa Griffith
Vanessa G.
21:25 09 Jul 18
Auri Rodriguez
Auri R.
17:16 04 Jul 18
Janet Prather
Janet P.
20:40 21 Jun 18
I loved the program...the counselors really help to keep up your motivation up...it wasn't too difficult if you just follow instructions...I never felt like I was overly hungry or food deprived. You are in touch with counselors everyday...can call them anytime with questions. I lost 24 pounds in 48 days...I am very pleased with my success...and I feel great physically! I would recommend this to anyone who needs to lose weight!
18:18 20 Jun 18
Awesome program...because it works...went from 254 to 219 in 40 days and mostly belly, and keeping it in range after. No drugs or shots (which I tried in the past), just supplement minerals. Use your own food and inexpensive personal products. Retaught me how to food shop and cook meals. My grocery bill decreased, I reused smaller size clothes I kept in hope of a huge weight loss, and even get to use my Tux for my niece's wedding instead of buying a new suit. Coach Amanda was wonderful and didn't make me feel bad or guilty during the process. She was a big driver. Would recommend strongly.
Melanie Young
Melanie Y.
21:08 08 Jun 18
Dr Urshan and his staff are great. I've struggled with my weight all my life but with Dr Urshan plan and the support of his staff. I've lost 66 pounds and I feel great. If you do the program properly and don't cheat it really does work. Thanks for a great experience.
Enrique Porras
Enrique P.
15:41 08 Jun 18
It was a great experience, the office staff and coaches are amazing !!! It was a very rewarding experience that I will recommend to anyone.
Christine Morrell
Christine M.
13:58 08 Jun 18
First off some background on me, I am a RN who was on medications like Prilosec, Linzess, Trazadone, Lasix, and Zyrtec for ulcers, swelling, IBS, and constipation. Oh and I’m getting married in July, 3 months after I started Dr. Urshan’s program.I was very skeptical about the program, I have been through many diets (even ones I made up) and have had maybe 5-10 pounds come off and of course it goes back on. When I meet Dr. Urshan I could feel his passion for what he does, I appreciated that his first concern with each of his patient’s was their health and then their weight loss. I thought to myself, how much could I really lose in 40 days, not a lot I’m sure. But I was given a guarantee of 20lbs no matter how long it takes. I thought as long as I’m healthy and off my medications, the weight loss would just be the cherry on the cake.I was sold and tried the program, my max weight was 204.6, I found it easy to take in 550 calories, actually some days I was having a hard time eating all the food on my plate. Oh and the meals, cooked by me and picked out by me. I was given a large list of foods and I had no problem making meals I enjoyed and kept me in the 550 calorie range. I had questions through out the program but always had the office staff and a personal text line for Dr. Urshan to get answers and support. I found myself some days in a slump because I was craving a small piece of chocolate, or we had family over for pizza and cake. But I didn’t cave in, between the progress I had already made and the support of my fiancé I pushed through to the next day and saw more weight come off! My fiancé even decided to eat healthier and stayed between 800 and 1000 calories, over 3-4 weeks he loss 14 lbs.Finally when I was 15 lbs down and still weeks to go, I knew my wedding dress would no longer fit me, I ended up buying a new dress, I went from a size 18 to a 12. I did choose an A-line dress this time and fit into a size 8!So here I sit at day 41, my start weight was 204.6, today I am 176.6 that’s 28lbs. My waist was 40” now I’m 34”. I use to wear size 16 jeans, now size 12 is a little loose. Oh the best part... I have been off of all my medications since day 3 with no problems, my doctors are amazed at how healthy I am and that I’m off of all my medications.This has been such a changing experience, I never knew I could be where I am today, I haven’t weighed this little in at least 13 years since before my second daughter was born. I have 5 weeks left until the wedding and I am so happy to be starting my new life in my new, healthy, skinner body! Dr. Urshan and his staff have given me the best wedding present ever!!!!
Simone R
Simone R
13:06 05 Jun 18
Dr Urshan's program has changed my life and taught me how to eat properly (for my body and metabolism) and maintain a healthy diet. Friends say I look younger and happier. Eating the right foods completely change the way you look and feel. Dr. Urshan and his staff give 100 pct of their effort to help on your healthy journey. Your only regret will be that you didn't see Dr. Urshan sooner
John Collura
John C.
12:33 31 May 18
I have tried every diet you can imagine Dr Urshan diet program is the best ! At 54 days I have lost 61 pounds feel great ! I had health issues that made me have to loose the weight. The staff is the best ! If you have tried other diets and they did not work this is the one.
Derek Cooper
Derek C.
18:44 26 May 18
I met Dr. Urshan approx 50 days ago at a conference. We were discussion different topics when he spoke on what he does with weight loss. I was excited as I was just told two days prior that my blood sugar was 278, and my primary care Dr. prescribed Metformin.Dr. Urshan invited me to his health class that following Monday with hopes that I would sign up and go through the program. Mind you that I told my primary care Dr. that I was going to show him that I can get my blood sugar down and not have a need for any medication.Twenty-eight days later, I saw my primary care Dr. again and he couldn't believe the results. My blood went from 278 to 112, IN TWENT-EIGHT DAYS!!!! All of this because of the Dr. Urshan health plan. I also lost 41lbs during that same twenty-eight days.It's now been 40 days and I'm down 60 lbs. My primary care Dr. said that I need to keep doing what I'm doing and that he's very proud of me. I am out of the danger zone and I'm never going back.Thank you Dr. Urshan for what you do to help improve the quality of life of the people around you. My goal is to get down to my college football playing weight of 250lbs. I have a ways to go but with prayer, and Dr. Ursgan's help, I WILL accomplish this goal.
george goins
george G.
13:14 25 May 18
When I walked in to Dr Urshan office for my body scan I was hesitant and unsure of the process.After talking to Amanda and doing the body scan I was asked to talk to Dr Stoltz. He was very quick to enter the room and sit down and go over the numbers.I knew I was a big guy at 310+ pounds and only 5'10" tall I didn't know the numbers . Stoltz asked me straight out are you ready to loose weight, don't be a little ready or not sure he said I need 100% ready the program has no give for you to succeed you have to be dedicated! I was a beer drinking whiskey slamming chicken wing eating MACHINE for a long time. I told him I was ready and sign up for the program. Amanda went over all the products and notebook and it was up to ME to do the rest,I was given Tonya number from the Brandon office (closer for me)I did my daily check ins and Took my supplements like I was told to (not rocket science) and the weight came off as a large man I WAS NOT hungry during the 40days very surprising to me. When I went to my appointments the staff was always excited and very helpful I called several times and was always called back or talked directly to Dr Stotlz .I am now 251lbs and feel great I have more energy and sleep a lot better. I now am in the process of new clothes shopping great program! Like anything in life you have to work for it it's up to you!
Steve Trujillo
Steve T.
16:36 24 May 18
I started the program in early April after hearing about it for so long on 102.5 and The Mike Calta Show.....needless to say, everything you hear is TRUE!.....you DO feel better and you DO lose weight!!! The program is fairly easy to stick with and you see results IMMEDIATELY!!!!!......it may seem like an eternity at times, but 40 days goes by rather quickly. The more extensive your range of foods that you like, the easier it’ll be for you to adapt to the program!!.......not to mention, the staff and support have been nothing short of perfect!! Thanks to Dr Urshan and his staff for everything!!!.......as of today, I’ve lost over 45 lbs from when I started and still have a few more days left......no reason to stop now!! DO IT FOR YOUR FAMILY, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO IT FOR YOURSELF AND FOR YOUR HEALTH!!!
Brenda Pixton
Brenda P.
07:51 24 May 18
Loved this life change and that is what it is"A Life Change". I have been on the program since March 26, 2018. I've lost 31 pounds! The first 40 days was HARD but it worked! I was not hungry, nor did I feel bad. I've learned the right way to eat and prepare food/meals. The staff at the office was there for me and answered all my questions and concerns. The program works! Really Works! I'm 48 years old and was a size 10/12 depending on the brand of clothing. Now I'm a size 6. I love my new size and I'm still losing weight and feeling healthier than I have in 10 years. Thank you Dr. Urshan and especially the STAFF!Brenda Pixton - Tampa
Ray Mullins
Ray M.
20:28 22 May 18
Awesome. Day 13 and I’m down nearly 20 pounds. I go to the Largo clinic love those at the clinic very nice and helpful. Looking forward to loosing 30 more pound. Amazing
Elaine Steward
Elaine S.
17:01 22 May 18
I went to the Largo lacation. The staff there is wonderful. I’ve lost 30 pounds so far. I was guided through obstacles during my program, from being on antibiotics to how to eat at and still enjoy my sons wedding. I was given attention and support, but most importantly, I learned for the first time in my life how and what to eat. I listen to my body now and I have never felt better!
C Cotten
C C.
15:32 13 May 18
Wow. Thank you Dr. Urshan. Your program was life changing. I came to you to lose weight and I did. I lost 43 lbs. But it's so much more than that. I now am living a healthy lifestyle and feel great. And your team is amazing. They are kind, supportive, and always helpful with questions or concerns. I will be forever grateful for what you and your team helped me achieve. Thank you.
Bob Tatem
Bob T.
12:21 08 May 18
I have tried many different weight loss programs without success so I was hesitant at age 83 to try this one as well.My wife and both decided to try Dr. Urshan's weight loss program because we liked the idea of shopping and eatingregular food. We found it easy to shop creating our own recipes with the list they gave us.We had many questions when we first started and the staff was Always available to answer them. I have lost over 25 pounds,feel great and can even see my toes again!! We both thank you and your staff. If I could do this program at age 83, I amsure anyone can. Thank you so much.
Elaine T
Elaine T
11:51 03 May 18
Being age 74 and not liking to cook, I was skeptical about starting this program because it seemed like a lot of work---BUT I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was after the 3rd day! I got into a routine and learned so much about how to cook healthy,enjoy my food and lose weight at the same time!!The staff was always available to help, offer support, suggestions and new ideas !I have a new outlook on life, feel GREAT and lost over 25 pounds. Can't ask for more than that!Thank you Dr. Urshan and staff. Now that I know how to shop for healthy foods in my grocery store,I know I will keep myweight off. Can't thank you enough😄😀
Tom Kinder
Tom K.
23:02 01 May 18
Dr. Urshan and his staff are incredible. The program works if you can follow along and it's very easy to follow. I lost 54 pounds in 40 days and wasn't hungry once. I would reccomend this program to everyone who wants to improve there health. They focus on changing you from the inside out and it was simply amazing looking at the scale every morning and literally watching the pounds come off. I have more energy and am completely off of my blood pressure meds. Every journey starts with a single step, make that step to Dr. Urshan and get started today.
Go Davis
Go D.
22:41 26 Apr 18
If you have “HAD IT!” This program is for you! If I could give this program 6 stars I would! I was a fat kid. A fat teenager. A fat twenty-something and a fat thirty-something. But I’m a HEALTHY forty-something. I lost 44lbs in 54 days with Get Thin Tampa! If you’ve heard about it I’ve tried it and THIS is the only thing that has worked for me. A radical change in a short period of time, and a revolutionary process for long-term results. If you travel on two way streets this program will do its part. Will you?
G Anderson
G A.
18:58 25 Apr 18
I am 5'3 and 53 years old. I have gradually gained 20 pounds over the past 5 years and decided I need to make a change. I have heard about Dr. Urshan's program over the past few years and have seen the results of some of my co-workers. Women and Men that did the program and have kept the weight off for over 1 year. I knew I wanted the results to be long term, and that's why I chose Dr. Urshan's program. I lost 21.3 pounds in 38 days and have kept it off. I started at 144.6 pounds and I am down to 123.3. The program works if you work the program!!! I am finding it very easy to maintain the weight loss and feel so much better!! I am wearing things in my wardrobe that I haven't fit into in 3 years. I highly recommend Dr. Urshan to everyone that wants great results that can last a lifetime!
shirley berkery
shirley B.
18:12 19 Apr 18
I have battled a weight problem since I was 12 yrs. old. I have tried everything under the sun including amphetamines in the 80's and hypnosis, as well as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and a personal trainer, as well as many more adventures. This is the first plan that both works and is healthy. It is very strict to start with, so you have to be committed, but if you follow the program closely it works. I have lost 24 lbs so far and have kept it off on the maintenance program. I plan to lose about another 15 to 20 lbs. I feel great and would love to help others with their weight management journey through Dr. Urshan's wonderful program. Dr. Urshan and his staff are very professional and supportive!
linda Luthke
linda L.
20:44 18 Apr 18
I have been on many weight loss programs and was never successful and any. I was very pleased with the result. Thank you for all your help
Melissa McCann
Melissa M.
21:29 07 Apr 18
I was actually surprised at some of the reviews and I think the sound like sour grapes. I don’t write reviews but I am really happy and I think it’s been a great program. Dr Urshan is a chiropractor. Chiropractic medicine is about getting healthy and being well so I don’t know why people are offended by that. They aren’t medical doctors but what I got from the information isn’t anything I would expect an MD to do like take blood or give a shot or drugs. If I wanted drugs I would have had my doctor give me a prescription. That’s the whole reason I went here. People complaining about low calories but then want to take drugs that are appetite suppressant so they don’t eat at all and think THAT is healthy are just stupid. And then say this is unhealthy? This program makes sense. It’s low calories in the beginning and then more and more and they actually support you. And I’m eating real food !! The Dr there called me after I started the program to check on me and see if I had any questions or anything she could help with. My MD has never done that. I didn’t get pressured at all, she just explained Dr Urshan’s program and answered my questions. Everyone was really nice! There were 2 women in the waiting room, both nurses and they have both lost 20lbs!! If you want prescriptions for weight loss drugs and hormone shots this isn’t the program for you because they don’t do that and you have to work at this one a little bit. It wasn’t a cheap program, but neither is being overweight. I was miserable and sad and ready to make a change and I’ve tried so many things in the past but if you want to get healthy and lose a few pounds the staff here at Largo is awesome! Thanks Dr. U!!!! 26lbs and counting!
Deborah Tompson
Deborah T.
18:20 04 Apr 18
I loved this 40 day weight loss program! I’m on day 34 and have lost 23 pounds! I have learned about how my body reacts to what I eat. I have never felt hungry or tired. I have a huge list of organic, healthy foods I can buy and I choose what I want to eat each day. If you follow what they say, you WILL loose the weight!I can even go to restaurants with no problem!
rich Paris
rich P.
14:46 29 Mar 18
It was a great experience! I lost 46 pounds!
Madhuri Roy
Madhuri R.
11:27 27 Mar 18
I reached out to Dr Urshan s office primarily out of concern for my long term health. The program sounded simple enough and the Dr I saw at initial consultation explained the scientific reasons. However I started the program with a healthy dose of skepticism. As I went along the journey, my weight dropped and my confidence increased. In my mind, weight loss is a side effect of the program, the understanding of how my body responds to different food groups, getting rid of other medications and the knowledge gained is insurmountable. My health coach was there to support me all along, always encouraging me. I was even able to go on a 10 day cruise during my program and continue to loose weight. My only regret is that I wish I had found this program 20 years ago.
Jeff Bell
Jeff B.
19:20 22 Mar 18
One word- LEGIT! Make the commitment and take control of your health. Love the new me!!!
Ruth Tyson
Ruth T.
16:34 22 Mar 18
This a GREAT program and all the staff are wonderful and extremely helpful. Although it is a strict program it works and if you are serious about losing weight this is the place to go. The Tate products and the hand lotion are wonderful and you will want to continue using them after you have finished the program. Again, congratulation and much success in the future.
Dan M
Dan M
12:32 20 Mar 18
I have to say that I was as skeptical as anyone when I started the program, but I have to say it's been an amazing transformation for me. After the first 40 days I had lost 50lbs and have continued to lose since. The program definitely works if you completely dedicate yourself to it and Dr. Urshan and his staff are amazing and always willing to help.
Donna Dedering
Donna D.
15:24 15 Mar 18
I went in with not knowing exactly what to expect, except for the fact that I really needed to loose some weight. The staff is great. Exceptional when helping you pass your hurdles and all your many questions. They walk you through the process very well and keep you on track with your progress.
Danielle Sciarra
Danielle S.
18:59 14 Mar 18
The program was just what I needed to get a start on my weight loss journey. Dr. Urshan and staff were very supportive and informative.
Chris fletcher
Chris F.
23:26 08 Mar 18
This program actually works. I lost almost 35 lbs and enjoyed doing it. I was skeptical to start. But once I got the hang of it, I actually started having fun. You do have to be at the point where you are genuinely ready to commit to losing weight and getting healthy. I went to the North Tampa location and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks guys.
Leonard Pistone Jr.
Leonard Pistone J.
01:19 08 Mar 18
I’m so fortunate to have started my journey with Dr Urshan and his amazing staff. In 40 days I lost 80lbs. We texted every day and stood in constant communication. Im in phase 4 and I’m crushing it! I have never felt so good. This program really works. You must be committed because Dr Urshan and his staff are extremely committed to helping you achieve your goals. Thank you Dr Urshan you and your staff are like family.
Terri Blanyar
Terri B.
00:02 07 Mar 18
While my first week on the program was a struggle, I hung in there and it has paid off. For the first time in my life I feel as though I am in control of my weight. I have tried every "diet" out there and have never felt as supported as I have with this. Dr. Urshan and his staff have always been available to me. I've appreciated Shirley's pep talks. Even my silliest questions have been answered without judgement. I've lost nearly 25 pounds and I DON'T FEEL DEPRIVED...I'm eating butter every day!! Thanks to the team at Dr. Urshan's I can enjoy eating without gaining weight!!
Jamie Donalson
Jamie D.
11:47 05 Mar 18
John Toll
John T.
11:40 27 Feb 18
I have to say I was the biggest skeptic of this program before joining . What I can say is that Dr. urshan and his staff are the best support system you can ever have .without a doubt this is been one of the best and greatest experience of my life losing well over 40 pounds and under 36 days.. I would recommend this program highly to anyone.. this has given me my life and soul back .. love you all at the office.. thanks for making my dreams a reality...
Kim Hosain
Kim H.
17:11 22 Feb 18
An incredibly positive experience!The support staff is super supportive! I'm blown away with my weight loss results! 👀 on the 🏆
Edmund Alicea
Edmund A.
03:45 22 Feb 18
I was sceptical and didn't think this would work. Well, i was very wrong. Within the first 40 days i lost 32 pounds. As long as you do the work the program will work. Thank you Dr. Urshan.
Rudy Ritchie
Rudy R.
17:48 19 Feb 18
I decided to start the Nutrimost program after my initial visit and have not been disappointed. I was/am severely obese and found this program to be easy to follow and the results were outstanding.This does take some self discipline to complete and requires some getting use to regarding building menu options for your 500 calorie days, however, I did lose 40 lbs in 40 days so the results speak for themselves.It's only 40 days and if, like me, you are severely obese, go now to get started.
jeannine james
jeannine J.
00:43 17 Feb 18
Dr. Urshan's program is the most effective way to get healthy. Losing weight is a bonus being on this program. My overall health and well being was a major factor. The guide lines that are given to you make it very easy to follow and prepare your own meals with real, healthy food. Dr. Urshan and his staff are very supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend this program.
Wyatt Castellvi
Wyatt C.
20:26 16 Feb 18
Lost 45 lbs in 40 daysIt’s not easy but nothing that actually works isVery helpful and friendly staffAmanda was great to deal with!
Zdenka Pulliam
Zdenka P.
20:19 14 Feb 18
I am doing Dr Urshans planAnd have lost 24 pounds so far. I would and haveRecommend this to all who want to get healthy.Zdenka
14:58 08 Feb 18
Excellent program to reboot your eating habits & metabolism. Good clean healthy foods that taste great. Your body will thank you!
Bart Catmull
Bart C.
21:40 06 Feb 18
This is my 2nd time working with Dr. Urshan. A year ago I went through the program, losing 35 pounds in 40 days. It was life changing. I then I spent a year keeping the weight off and proving to myself that I truly had changed my body and my life. So 40 days ago, right after Christmas I came in for a 2nd round. I am down another 35 pounds and I am stoked. It takes commitment and honesty but well worth the effort.
Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth R.
20:10 06 Feb 18
There are lots of weight loss programs out there, but Dr. Urshan's is the best.Trust me. You shop and buy your own food so you know you are getting the freshest and best quality. Follow the program as instructed and you will have no choice but to lose weight! I learned so much how to eat well-balanced healthy meals and now two years after completing the program I continue to keep my weight down where it is suppose to be. The staff is remarkable. They are there to answer questions and support you all the way through. One staff member in particular, Amanda, could not do enough to guide, encourage and educate me. Thank you ALL at Dr. Urshan Health & Weight Loss Center. You've changed my life!
Jerry Duncan
Jerry D.
17:40 06 Feb 18
I am on day 58!!!! 37 lbs gone!!! Dr. took me off my bp meds!! Feel great!! The first time I walked in they showed interest in me and my goals!! No pressure to join presented the program I made the decision with no pressure!! They have been so helpful at any time I called or texted!! I just want say THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP ALL THE STAFF AT THE LARGO OFFICE!!!!
Jennifer Chambers
Jennifer C.
01:10 06 Feb 18
Great program. I lost 23 lbs and have been easily able to maintain it. If you have tried all the other programs and don’t have the results you want, this is the last program you’ll need.
John Taylor
John T.
19:03 02 Feb 18
From the outside looking in. I work with several people that wanted to lose weight. I watched them try several diets with no long-lasting result. Enter Dr. Urshan. I have never seen anything like it. 3 of my colleagues decided to give Dr. U's program a try. All 3 lost the weight they wanted and more important all 3 have kept the weight off. They had great attitudes before but their transformations have made them even greater people inside and out. Their newfound self-esteem is through the roof. If you are looking for success in a weight loss program with lasting results. I suggest you give Dr. U a call.
01:54 01 Feb 18
Best experience of my life! Lost over 40 pounds in less than 40 days. Energy is up and thanks Dr. Urshan, I've never felt better in my life. Will never be able to repay you for changing my life the way you did. Alan
Sam Helgemo
Sam H.
18:02 31 Jan 18
Wow is all I can say! After spending time working with Dr. Urshan I met every goal I had. I had a ton of friends tell me about the successes of his program so I decided to listen to what he had to offer!Every time we met I could tell how genuine he was and that he really cares! Do yourself a favor and give his office a call you surely won't be disappointed!!!
David Franklin
David F.
22:57 17 Jan 18
Amanda is amazing!
Melanie Martin
Melanie M.
23:29 06 Jan 18
I have tried every diet, pill and program out there. This is the first program that actually works. Dr. Urshan and his staff are involved throughout the entire process and really care about your success. I have lost 25+ pounds and feel like a completely different person. I have more energy than I have had in years and I am sleeping soundly for the first time in decades!I have seen a complete transformation in 40 days! the program has worked so well for me that my husband and sister signed up as well!
Ingrid Hooglander
Ingrid H.
16:08 03 Jan 18
With the help of Dr. Urshan and the NutriMost program I was able to lose nearly 30 pounds in 40 days. While that is an awesome feat, the fact that I could sleep through the night and had a lot of energy was more important to me. I felt loaded down and sluggish before I did this program and it help me remove the chemicals and toxins in my body and really reset and start over. I highly recommend the program. It is not an easy program but you get out of it what you put into it.
Angela Baylis
Angela B.
01:06 19 Dec 17
This plan works! If you follow the steps, and have faith, you can take off the pounds and keep them off.
Pasha Marie Lemnah
Pasha Marie L.
21:55 12 Dec 17
Dr. Urshan has opened the door for me to change my life, how I feel and connect with balance for mind, body and soul. This has been an amazing transformation for me. Basics, feelings and physicial response to how I eat, how it makes me feel and the benefits of healing my body from the cellular level to my outer appearance bodily. When I started, my focus was to loose weight and now it is a lifestyle change that I crave. Thank you Dr. Urshan and your amazing staff who has supported my journey.
Kristine Seitz
Kristine S.
19:42 08 Dec 17
I lost 31.2 pounds in 40 days. The entire staff in the Tampa office is awesome - they even responded to me over thanksgiving when they were supposed to be out of the office! They are very responsive, super supportive and worth every penny. They have all done the diet so they have been in your shoes. Highly recommend this program and the staff! Thanks Amanda, Shirley & Doc!
Angela Yoho
Angela Y.
17:08 08 Dec 17
This is an amazing program. I have learned so much that I will continue for the rest of my life. I feel so GREAT, with pep in my step. Highly recommend it.
Pamela Abbott
Pamela A.
19:00 06 Dec 17
Dr. Urshan’s staff is wonderful at explaining everything about the diet and they are all so very encouraging! They are so very helpful if you need to call with any questions about the diet or anything! I’ve called several times and the girls are so sweet to take time on the phone with you for whatever problems you may have. I have recommended Dr. Urshan’s office to so many people since I started in October! The girls were so helpful today when I told them I’m going to Paris for Christmas, they helped me know what supplements to take for the long flight and did not try to discourage me from eating “bad” things on my trip. These girls are the BEST!
jewell Mitchell
jewell M.
20:07 20 Nov 17
I started the program to support my daughter who has a tremendous amount of weight to loose. I was overwhelmed during the first 2 weeks due to the numerous limitations of food choices &personal care products. I later realized that it was not only helping with the weight loss, it was also changing my body composition, eating habits &feeling of well being. I will continously make healthy choices for the rest of my life.thank you Dr.Urshan for your caring attitude & patience &also special thanks to Jillian .
Robert Mueller
Robert M.
16:19 20 Nov 17
Dr Urshan and staff were very professional and respectful. His program changed my life as well as my wife's life. We both have lost 36 pounds. It changed how we look at food and how we cook. How we look at food has changed my wife to becoming the main cook in the family. Suddenly she understood that cooking didn't mean complicated and now she enjoys making dishes and cooking with me. We love our new pattern of eating and how we look and feel has made life much more enjoyable. It was definitely worth the cost, time and effort. Thank you Dr Urshan and staff.
E Douglas Bohannon
E Douglas B.
14:52 13 Nov 17
The NutriMost Program at Dr. Urshan's practice exceeded my expectations. Although unforgiving, the program is simple to follow and works at the cellular level. I lost over 50 lbs in the first 40 days and learned about my weight triggers so I am confident that I can stay within a couple lbs of my weight goal. The staff are friendly, experienced, and responsive. If you are not looking for a weight loss program but for a way of life, I highly recommend Dr. Urshan Health & Weight loss
Jan Stull
Jan S.
14:44 13 Nov 17
This program works. It’s 40 days of specific foods designed for your unique needs. Every person is analyzed and a program is created for your specific body needs. It is a plan for life that works!
Nate and Adriana
Nate and A.
14:35 13 Nov 17
Dr. Urshan and his staff are wonderful!! Very quick to answer questions and provide advice!! I had fantastic results!! Amazing!!!
James Leichtenschlag
James L.
16:12 01 Nov 17
I've had a wonderful experience at Dr. Urshan's clinic. The staff is always helpful and courteous and Dr. Urshan always spends as much time as I need to make my program most effective for me! Thanks Dr. Urshan
Tom Draude
Tom D.
17:27 07 Oct 17
My wife and I could not be more pleased with this program and the way we were treated. It is recommended without hesitation or reservation--it is the healthy way to lose weight!
Purple Cat
Purple C.
21:12 06 Oct 17
With help from Dr Urshan and his staff, I have been able to lose 53 pounds. Even more astounding, I have gone from a diabetic with high blood sugar levels to being pre-diabetic. Thank you Dr Urshan. This has been an amazing journey.
Mindy Cox
Mindy C.
17:52 06 Oct 17
Because of my health issues, I have struggled with my weight and losing weight. Dr. Urshan and staff helped me change the way I eat and I am happy to say I have lost 18 lbs. so far! I am forever grateful to Dr. U and Amanda for their encouragement and support!!!
Jon Smith
Jon S.
15:10 27 Sep 17
Dr. Urshan's system changed my life! I lost 50 lbs. in the first 40 days and I've lost another 20 since. This program is more than just weight-loss, it's health restoration from the inside out! I had a hereditary blood disorder that I had to take bloodthinners for the rest of my life. In just a couple of weeks into this system my primary care physician cut my medication down to a third of what I was taking! Dr. Urshan's program not only re-educates you in how to live a healthy lifestyle, but it also retrains your body to actually crave the healthy foods. This system is the real deal! There's so many programs out there, and believe me, I tried most of them. This is the first one that did it the right way, the sustainable way! What I love most about this program is that you continue to eat regular food right from the grocery store and everything is natural! The plan is personalized to your particular needs to optimize your weight loss. Also, it is geared to reset and then boost your metabolism so that your body will become it's own fat-burning machine! The system is super user-friendly and easy to integrate into your daily routine. Finally, one of the most important things that makes this program a success is how Dr. Urshan and his staff walk you thru the entire program step-by-step. Many of them have been thru it themselves and they are always there to help cheer you on every step of the way. Go see Dr. Urshan if you are looking for long-lasting, total health transformation!
Lisa Converse
Lisa C.
18:58 25 Sep 17
This program is amazing! I just completed my SECOND program with Dr. Urshan. Just like the first program, that I had completed over 2 years ago, I couldn't be happier. If you follow your custom program, it is 100% fail proof. I lost 28.6 lbs on my first program in 2015 and just lost another 23.4 lbs to achieve my final goal weight in under 40 days! I have never felt healthier and I recommend anyone who struggles with their weight & overall health to get a free consult - you won't be disappointed!
Todd Oliver
Todd O.
13:25 21 Sep 17
Dr Urshan is fantastic. His results really speak for themselves. I have been absolutely blown away by the before and after of most of his patients after starting his program.
Bryan P. Kelly
Bryan P. K.
20:30 20 Sep 17
I have 1st hand knowledge of the program and have several friends and colleagues go through this life-changing process. Not only losing tremendous weight but keeping it off.The weight loss is incredible and Health Benefits are amazing.Keep up the good work and thank you for the awesome service you provide to the community.
USA Planet Earth
USA Planet E.
05:11 12 Aug 17
I gave Dr. Urshan 5 stars in fairness to him, his staff and the program. I am happy to see that on Doctor's Website he makes it clear as I read it, that one should see his / her PHYSICIAN before starting any weight loss program. This make great sense especially for those who are on any type of medication or like myself, have a pacemaker and heart stents. But I would think that anyone going into a program which reduces your intake of calories to 500 per day would definitely want an OK from a qualified person in the medical field.Personally, I did NOT seek out my physician first. I went to the free or nearly free talk about this program and it sounded so good that I signed up that day. Not a good thing. When in doubt ... don't. The cost was close to two thousand dollars and the paper that was mandatory to sign made it clear there was to be no refund or the three day legal limit in Florida to cancel a contract does not apply. No refund for any reason whatsoever.The program itself is difficult to follow if you do not like shopping or cooking and I get an A rating in both departments. I personally found the program to be cumbersome, boring, and almost like an Atkins Diet ... no carbs .... bread, pasta, cereal, oatmeal, desserts and all the good things which should have told me that the weight would go back on very quickly after the initial program .... it did and then some. There are a number of "medications" that you must take a certain times of the day and a strict record of what your intake is must be kept.Even if all the above was easy ... and it was not for me .... I found that I did lose weight, I did follow the program, but I felt weak and fainted one day which necessitated going to the hospital. I am not able to say that there was a cause-effect between the fainting and the program. However, my physician was not happy when I shared that I was on this program andI was strongly advised, urged to stop it immediately, and go on a sensible diet of less food and more exercise and to lose the weight slowly. Though my physician was not familiar with this program other than what I shared that apparently was enough to urge me to not follow it with my heart condition and high blood pressure. In hindsight that was excellent advice for me. I am now losing sensibly and without any cost though more slowly.I am not saying Dr. Urshan's program does not work. Apparently from the video and some reviews it does for some who are younger and healthier than I. For me losing 40 pounds in 40 days sounded so good that I personally did not use good reasoning. If it looks too good or too easy .... BEWARE.My only recommendation is that before spending nearly two thousand dollars please go to visit your physician, cardiologist or medical supervisor and tell him / her that you will be on a NO CARB 500 calorie program for a minimum of 40 days and listen to their expert advice. If your physician says to go for it, then do it. If he / she is cautious then take that most seriously and if he / she says NO, then, don't. They are only concerned about your health and well being. But as I already said: If your physician feels this is the right program for you then it's up to you to make the final decision. As for me, I am sorry that I did not get my doctor's approval first. For me, that is a lot of money to lose, but I also gained insights that I would not have other wise had. Buyer Beware. Never sign a contract the same day or as already quoted: If in doubt ... DON'T.I believe Ihave been very fair to Dr. Urshan and his program. I hesitated about writing and in fact said I would not write a review, but when I attempted to contact Dr. Urshan via email to tell him I had changed my mind, I did not get a response back and I assumed that it was fine with him that I had changed my mind. For those who do not read the fine print about no refunds for any reason even medical, then join me as part of a group who is not much more cautious and if it sounds too good, once again, for me, I say: Buyer Beware.R.H. Granawski
Monique Levy
Monique L.
18:15 11 Aug 17
I just finished the program with Dr. Urshan Weight Loss. I must admit, I was skeptical about achieving results as I have been on just about every weight loss program there is over my lifetime and had such a frustrating battle to lose weight. I'm happy to report in 40 days I did lose 23 lbs. And most importantly I have maintained that weight loss for 4 weeks and counting with a significant increase in my calorie intake during that time frame (but the right calories, not going back to old habits). This program is tough, I won't mislead anyone in that regard. You must follow it exactly as they prescribe. It isn't cheap...but you actually save money during the 40 days, as you will not be eating out as much, and won't be purchasing those fattening Starbucks drinks, processed foods etc. on the fly. The strict part of it only lasts 40 days. The great part is that they stay with you in the program to help maintain/re-set your weight point. They also give you tools to use to help you maintain your weight loss for life--and they work. I have other health conditions that make it very difficult to lose weight on any program, on top of the fact i'm closing in on 50 yrs old and that is a challenge for weight loss for females as well. This program works, and is healthy. It is all about clean eating, clean lifestyle. It makes sense--you put chemicals in your body and on your skin in mass amounts..that impacts your hormones, which impact your ability to lose weight on top of other health factors. After the 40 days, I was able to go back to using some of the beauty products that I used before, but mostly, i stuck with the clean versions as I liked them more and knowing they are better for my health, why not! Like any weight loss program, it won't work if you are negative about it, and if you are not willing to have the discipline and fortitude to see it through to the end. Actually, it never really ends...it's a life long journey. I still would like to lose 10-15 more pounds, but I'm working on just maintaining my current weight loss to where it becomes second nature, and then I will focus on the final leg of my weight loss trip!
Clayton Evers
Clayton E.
14:32 07 Mar 17
Dr. Urshan gets my highest endorsement. I was referred by one of my closest friends, who has had great long term success with the program. Everything worked for me exactly as promised. I lost 48 pounds in 40 days. I was not hungry even one time, and I felt the best I have felt in years. The program has totally changed how I look at food. This program is a rare exception to the "too good to be true" rule. It is true, as advertised. Follow the program, and you WILL lose the weight. And you will be much more healthy as a result. This is easy and it works.
tskinner01 OH
tskinner01 O.
16:53 21 Feb 17
I've struggled with my metabolism since college. I've tried many different diets and this is one that I can honestly say, works. I was skeptical at first. It seemed a little gimmicky when Dr. Urshan gave his speech about the program but I was interested when he started talking about the spiritual aspect of the program. When I talked with him one on one, I told him about my skepticism and he basically told me if I didn't feel right about it, not to do it. But he was so confident that I would lose the weight, that he gave me his cell phone number, told me to text my results to him daily and call him on the 15th day to talk to him. 40 days later and 40 pounds lighter, I know it was a great decision. My thanks to Dr. Urshan and his wonderful, encouraging staff.
Yvanna Gonzalez
Yvanna G.
18:50 13 Feb 17
I couldn't be more satisfied with my results from Doctor Urshan. I started the program to help relieve my chronic migraines and of course weight loss. I couldn't be more impressed with my results. I was losing at least a pound a day which was so great to see and throughout the entire program I didn't even get a headache. It was so interesting to see how my body was changing and for the better.The food was natural and amazing and I was able to customize it to my liking (I'm a terribly picky eater). It was a lot easier than I expected it to be and I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to change their bodies and metabolism for the better.
JoAnn Fisher
JoAnn F.
15:01 15 Dec 16
NutrimostLet me start by thanking Dr Urshan and his fabulous staff for changing my life.I started the program in February 2016 and lost a little over 20 pounds. However, that wasn't the life changing moment. I have lost weight rapidly before, and had definitely lost more the 20 pounds, BUT never felt the way I did during and after the initial 40 days.The cleansing and teaching period of 40 days is, none less, than a miracle.In my 35 years if of yo-yo diets with fads, packaged, shots, shakes, celebrity endorsed diets, NOTHING prepared me for MY success!I started the program in a size 12 and I am now in a size 4! I lost between April, after my last phase, and October and additional 25 pounds and I am at a healthy 123 pounds. What I have learned through Nutrimost, I would like to about it from the rooftop!I know many of you, because I was, will be skeptical about the price and the claims, but I am living proof, it works! Invest in yourself and your life. Do you have a car payment? Many of us do and don't think twice of paying three or four hundred a month on top of insurance, but when it comes to taking care of our bodies we hesitate to buy the best choices to put in our body or to invest in our longevity of life.Do it! I started with a metabolic age of 73!! Today I am at 43!!! And I feel younger than that!I have brought my daughter, Nicole, on this journey with me and she is as thrilled as I am. She has only been on her new life path since August but her story has a new ending now also.One of health and wellness! Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you have because I am here to be brutally honest and to help you take that step into a better you!#almostayear #lifechanging #healthyeveryday #nutrimost
George DeSchryver
George D.
11:06 14 Oct 16
I lost 40 pounds in 40 days! My daughter introduced me to Dr. Urshan's weight loss program and after seeing her results I needed to learn more. She lost over 50 pounds in 60 days. I attended Dr. Urshan's seminar and was very impressed. He was so informative, interesting and so enthusiastic about his plan.I'm a 72 year old retired firefighter/paramedic and have had an issue with my weight since I was 40 years old, I think it was in my genes. When I retired in 2001 it really got worst and I gained almost 90 pounds! I tried everything under the sun until I me Dr. Urshan. Then my life changed.It turned out to be much easier than I expected! Every day I could see the pounds drop off. I began to feel lighter and thinner, I had to punch new holes in my belt to keep my pants up. By day forty I was down 40 pounds. I have (had) weight related health issues for many years and used numerous medications including a cpap machine. This is all changing thanks to Dr. Urshan and the girls in his office, fantastic group!I'm in my 62nd day now and have lost almost 50 pounds. Its not where I want to be as my goal weight is 199 pounds but I'm half way there. I plan on doing a second 40 day plan and by the end of 2016 I'll be under 200.Dr. Urshan program as improved my physical health, my mental health and overall wellbeing. He has probably given me another 10 years of longevity!Thank You Dr. Urshan and your wonderful staff for your guidance and support.George De Schryver

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