Dr. Urshan’s Ultimate Weight Loss Program FAQs

What is Dr. Urshan's Weight loss program?

As a natural healthcare practitioner, it is absolutely essential that our weight loss system be all-natural, safe, and effective. This unique weight loss system surpasses all of those requirements, focusing on areas of unwanted fat, by regulating your body’s systems to support conditions such as thyroid dysfunction and adrenal fatigue. By detoxifying your body systemically at a cellular level and enhancing your metabolism, our weight loss program changes your weight set point with an exit strategy of promoting permanency**.

Is the Dr. Urshan weight loss program safe?

Typically, losing this much weight this fast would not usually be safe. However, utilizing the Dr. Urshan’s Ultimate Fat Loss System makes all the difference. Another aspect of the system that makes this system so unique is that it is professionally supervised for both safety and results.

It is the complete combination of Dr. Urshan’s proprietary technology, personalized weight loss formula, key supplements, alkaline water, and doctor supervision using the body composition analysis. Dr. Urshan’s team are healthcare professionals who understand the biological relationships of the various systems of the human body and weight loss; which enables this system to safely help you lose weight by focusing on unwanted fat and assisting your body’s system by raising your metabolism safely and effectively.

This system, will not result in a loss of muscle or the good fat your body needs. Since the weight loss is coming directly from the unwanted adipose tissue, individuals often report a feeling of improved appearance, a healthier mind, and body, as well as, reduced health risks**.

How does Proprietary Weight Loss technology work?

Dr. Urshan’s weight loss protocol may prove to be one of the greatest advancements in natural health.  It is based on the fact of analyzing the human body as a whole versus separate dividable parts.  There is a tremendous correlation with the natural adaptive response mechanism of the immune system, chronic toxicity, and chronic inflammation.  Many of our patients and physicians that have gone through the program are encouraged as to the way they feel and the anti-inflammatory component of the program.

Our weight loss program starts with an analysis to assess a patient’s specific health history, biological preferences, and nutritional needs to bring the body into an optimal state for healing purposes. Weight loss is a by-product of the program.

How much weight will I be able to lose?

There are many factors involved when dealing with weight loss. For example, men tend to lose weight faster than women, those who need to lose more weight lose faster than those who do not need to lose as much weight, individuals who were thinner when they were younger tend to be able to lose more weight than those individuals who always had a weight problem, those who are younger tend to lose faster than those who are older.

There are many factors when dealing with weight loss. Dr. Urshan’s weight loss program utilizes the most amazing breakthrough technology to determine what your unique requirements are to give you the best and most effective results to not only lose the weight but to raise your metabolism, decrease your metabolic age and reset your weight set point so that you can keep the weight off permanently**.

Will I feel hungry on this very low-calorie diet?

You will feel a mild hunger during the first week, however, this is most likely due to the habit of eating more calories than actual hunger, but by the 2nd week, you will be used to the very low-calorie diet. This is partly due to your hypothalamus adjusting your metabolic rate, but largely due to the amount of calories circulating in your system from the fat being released.

Many individuals before starting the system are afraid that it will be difficult to eat such a low-calorie diet, however to their great dismay they discover that it is much easier than they ever would have anticipated due to the release of circulating calories released through fat burning. Of all the aspects of the system, you will most likely find the adherence to a very low-calorie food management plan is one of the easiest aspects of the system to follow, for you will most likely not be hungry at all by the 2nd week.

Do I have to eat all 500 calories each day?

Due to the nature of this system many individuals do not want to eat all 500 calories a day, for they do not feel hungry, however, it seems that those individuals who did eat all 500 calories each day, rather than omitting them, do tend to have better results. The important thing is to follow the plan exactly so that you stay firmly in fat burning.

Would just a low calorie diet alone make me lose weight?

A low calorie diet alone does not distinguish between structural tissue, and abnormal fat cell content. Furthermore, a low calorie diet alone will cause a great decrease in energy levels, would be difficult to do and would not target the abnormal “locked in” fat that you want to target and lose. A very low calorie diet by itself would cause severe hunger and an imbalance if it didn’t include the whole system and supplementation as determined by Dr. Urshan.

Typically, a low calorie diet alone will actually teach the body how to lower the metabolism, which essentially teaches the body how to gain more weight. This is why most people who do low calorie diets will typically gain back more weight than they lost since they are teaching the body to slow the metabolism, the neurotransmitters and the weight set point.

What about eating out?

The good news is yes, you can eat out even while on the reduce phase! I can happily tell you that it is not difficult to eat out although your choices are somewhat limited, but you will still be happy. The good thing is, most restaurants are well aware of varying dietary needs and seem to be very good at fulfilling the various requests. The important aspect of eating out is you must strongly and adamantly let the server and kitchen know of your dietary restrictions.

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