Individualized Weight Loss Programs

Individualized Weight Loss ProgramsThe media bombards everyone with the image of health and fitness they think is ideal. Weight loss programs are abundant. The problem is these programs try to squeeze you into a box and mold you to the one-size-fits-all image of health. We are each unique and so is our expression of life and health. Let’s look at the main focus of the top weight loss programs and then discuss how Dr. Urshan’s proprietary and personalized weight loss program can guide you along your weight loss journey. 

Weight Loss Myths

Most weight loss programs will tell you that you have to count calories to lose weight. They have this principle at their core. If you lower caloric intake and increase your activity level, you will lose weight. Is this true? Absolutely! The common solution is to either plan a diet with certain foods to restrict your daily calories or provide pre-packaged food from a box. As you lower your caloric intake, your metabolism begins to slow. It has less work to do. Your body needs calories to fuel it so it will burn fat, muscle, etc. The problem appears after the weight is lost. Eventually, you will go back to eating a normal, sustainable amount of food each day. Since your metabolism has nearly bottomed out though, it can’t process all the food you are eating. Those calories get stored right back into your body as fat.

Effective Weight Loss Program

Calories are not the only key to losing weight. The most effective way to lose fat is to detoxify the body, promote balance by using vitamins and minerals in a way that gets you into an incredible zone**. AnD let’s not forget having the proper support group helps a lot too. Dr. Urshan’s Health and Weight Loss Program finds your body’s specific weaknesses, balances the imbalances, and strengthens your body to reach optimal health.

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