Individual Weight Loss For South Tampa, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace & Surrounding Areas

As a weight loss practitioner, Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center knows that what works for one person might not work for the next. This is why we advocate an individual weight loss plan that is based on what is best for your own unique body. While the customary wisdom that governs many programs support is reducing caloric intake equates to weight loss, our approach to your individual weight loss plan is a little different. Our system focuses on a solution for the long term.

It is true that if you reduce the number of calories that cross your lips, you will lose weight. When a caloric reduction is combined with an increase in physical activity, your individual weight loss is likely to be even greater. However, once your body’s metabolism adjusts to this new, leaner intake of calories and increase in exercise, your individual weight loss will slow down. In fact, you will probably see yourself slowly put the weight back on — much to your dismay.

At Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center, we approach your individual weight loss differently by concentrating on:Individual Weight Loss

  • supporting hormone health**
  • removing toxins from your body**
  • vitamin and mineral support**
  • improving your strength
  • pinpointing weaknesses in your body

Using his proprietary weight loss technology, Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center can customize an individual weight loss program for residents in South Tampa, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace, and surrounding areas so you see real and long-lasting results. Are you ready to lose your unwanted weight — and keep it off — using proven and healthy methods? Contact us today for an individualized consultation today!

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