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Lori DeCola of St. Petersburg (above)

Imagine a weight loss program that really works and in 40 short days. Losing a large amount of weight. Like Lori, in such a small time-frame may seem too good to be true, but that’s exactly what thousands of people have done with the help of the innovative Dr. Urshan Health Weight Loss Center. Patients with weight issues and health concerns have turned to the local weight loss center and have successfully lost weight in only 40 days without the need for injections, medications, prepackaged foods, steroids, hormones or appetite suppressants.

Lori DeCola’s Weight Loss Story

Just ask St. Petersburg resident Lori DeCola. A registered nurse, DeCola followed Dr. Urshan’s weight loss program as directed and lost an astonishing 25 pounds – twice. A year and 50 pounds earlier, DeCola, a registered nurse, was overweight and working from home. After hearing about her co-worker’s success with Dr. Urshan’s program, DeCola decided to put herself “back in the driver’s seat” and give it a shot. She lost 25 pounds after 40 days on the program; six weeks later, she went through the weigh loss program again and lost an additional 25 pounds. “It feels so good being in control again – it’s not just about losing weight,” she explained. “It’s a mental, emotional journey that brings you to a better place.” Fresh from her first-hand experience with the program, DeCola is now the clinical director for Dr. Urshan’s new Largo office.

Patients of Dr. Urshan – like Lori DeCola of St. Petersburg have been losing an astonishing amount of weight in only 40 days, while making very positive changes in their overall health.

Weight Loss Success

Though success stories like DeCola’s are the norm when hearing about Dr. Urshan’s successful program, how is such weight loss, in such little time, possible? It’s important to understand what makes us gain weight and feel unhealthy in the first place. “Carrying excess fat – especially in the abdomen – can indicate a hormone imbalance and a slowed metabolism,” explained Jonathan Urshan, DC, owner and founder of Dr. Urshan Health Weight Loss Center. “Unfortunately, no amount of exercise or dieting can correct the problem unless the balance is restored. “If you can suddenly start to balance your body, it will go to work overnight and start to burn and metabolize fat.”

Restoration of Balance

This restoration of balance is the impetus behind Dr. Urshan’s technologically advanced program utilized at his Health Weight Loss Center in Tampa and it’s the key to his patients’ dramatically positive results. His extremely efficient “get you healthy” program emphasizes overall health rather than strictly weight loss or trendy diets, and it’s customized for every individual. Dr. Urshan is now offering initial consultations to residents of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, Contact us for more information.

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