Losing Weight Clinic For Those In Tampa, Westchase, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace, South Tampa & Surrounding Areas

Losing Weight ClinicAre you trying to lose weight? Losing weight the healthy way can be confusing. You need to know if there is a losing weight clinic in the market that can benefit you. Dr. Urshan’s Medical Center Weight Loss Clinic can help to get you on the right track. He will develop a weight loss plan based on your individual needs and explain why you are finding it so hard to lose the additional weight.

For many years, Dr. Urshan has helped many people lose weight the right way. In fact, he is so good at helping people to slim down that we like to call him Doctor Weight Loss. Doctor Weight Loss’s advanced program can help you to shed extra pounds much better than other methods because he tailors the program specifically for your body. By the use of sophisticated and proprietary weight loss technology, Doctor Weight Loss can discover your body’s chemical makeup and predict the exact steps needed to lose weight.

Our individual weight loss plans often include:

  • A thorough health evaluation
  • An individual assessment
  • A nutritious diet plan
  • An exercise regimen designed to meet your physical needs
  • A weight guidance counselor to help you through any difficult times you may experience

Dr. Urshan understands that every person is unique and different. Subsequently, this means that their requirements and weight loss will be unique as well. A proper diet and well-rounded exercise program, using state of the art technology will be devised to help patients reach their weight loss goals. Dr. Urshan does not use medications or pills. Instead, he strives to regulate and reset a person’s metabolism, and this helps put them back on the road to good health**.

Contact Dr. Urshan and the medical professionals at your local Tampa losing weight clinic today. We can help those in Tampa, Westchase, Carrollwood, Temple Terrace, South Tampa and surrounding areas.

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