Master Your Weight Loss Goals with Ease

It is often considered hard to lose weight. However, there are several factors that influence the difficulty of the process, and some of them can be controlled to make it easier to reach a weight loss goal. By leveraging these factors in the most efficient way, you can take a lot of the work out of the process.

The Diet

The less like a “diet” your eating plan is, the easier it will be to control your weight. Traditional diets put the focus on what you can’t eat while on the plan, which inevitably leads to a sense of deprivation. This, in turn, causes the diet to fail. It can even lead to binging on the “forbidden” foods and subsequent weight gain! Clearly, that type of diet isn’t going to work.

Focus on Portion Control

One of the best ways to avoid feelings of deprivation is simply to not deprive yourself. Don’t throw out your “unhealthy” foods or fill your fridge with boring veggies to snack on. Instead, have smaller portions of what you love. Also, make sure to only have a portion according to a schedule that keeps you from getting too many calories in a day.

While portion control does take some effort, especially if you’re used to eating plentiful amounts, it is much easier than trying to cut foods out entirely. Thanks to the availability of “100-calorie” packaged snacks and similar portion-controlled supermarket items, it’s also more convenient than it once was.

Find Tasty Low-Calorie Foods

Your body will quickly detect when you cut your caloric intake and will likely respond by sending signals of ravenous hunger. This will tempt you to binge on whatever you’ve been portion controlling. Avoid the trap by filling up on something else – something with fewer calories.

This is where a lot of diet plans will try to get you to eat boring fare like baby carrots or plain popcorn. Don’t torture yourself with foods you won’t be thrilled to eat. Instead, learn recipes for things like herbed chicken or pork. The meat will fill you up, and the herbs will add the flavor food needs to keep it interesting.

Herbs can also be used to spice up foods that would otherwise be unappealing, like that plain popcorn. If you give that a spritz of cooking spray to act as a “sticker” and skip the butter, you can add spices to the popcorn that will make it taste good without adding more than a calorie or two to the bowl.


On its own, exercise doesn’t burn many calories. If you look at a chart of how much energy is used during common exercises, you may think it isn’t even worth the bother. However, these charts don’t consider the long-term metabolic changes that exercise brings on.

After an exercise session, your metabolism remains sped up for several hours, causing your body to continue to burn more calories than if you had remained sedentary. This gives you a small but steady boost in weight loss when combined with food portion control. It’s like a bit of bonus weight loss.

Exercise also helps your organs function better and generally “tunes up” your entire body. You will feel better both physically and mentally. This will help you stay motivated to continue your weight loss journey.

Finally, if you choose a form of exercise that builds muscle, you’ll boost your resting metabolism even more. This is because it takes more calories to sustain muscle than it does to maintain fat (adipose) tissue. You don’t have to make yourself look like a bodybuilder to get this effect. Even a bit more muscle mass will give you a bit of a boost when it comes to burning calories, and it can make the activities of daily living easier, as well.

Follow a Personalized Weight Loss Plan

If you decide to follow a weight loss plan that was made by a professional, make sure it is personalized. A weight loss clinic like Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center will devise a plan that takes your tastes in food and your physical capabilities into account. This type of plan is far more workable because it won’t feel like torture. You’ll look forward to the meals, snacks, and physical activities prescribed by a personalized plan.

Dr. Urshan’s weight loss plans also work to address causes of slowed metabolism such as hypothyroidism. Controlling problems like this takes the brakes off of your attempts to lose weight.

Dr. Urshan’s centers promise a 20lb. reduction in weight in just 40 days. If you don’t make this goal, they’ll refund a prorated amount for the pounds you didn’t lose. This is an unusually strong guarantee in the weight loss industry.

To get the help you need with a weight loss plan, schedule an appointment with a Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center today. We have locations in Tampa and Largo to serve you.

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