Dr. Urshan Weight Loss Testimonials

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Angela's Weight Loss Story

Ingrid's Weight Loss Story

Kati & Lori's Weight Loss Story

Laura's Weight Loss Story

Peg's Weight Loss Story

Carmin's Weight Loss Story

Amanda's Weight Loss Story

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Joann & Nicole

Joann Lost 46lbs

Mikey Lost 40lbs in 40-days

Nicole Lost 65lbs

Weight loss before & After Photos

testimonial ba steve

Steve lost 40.4 pounds in 40 days. No longer on blood pressure medicine and no longer using CPAP for sleep apnea. He plans do start another 40 days soon.

Lisa lost 28 pounds

This program was so easy to follow. I was never hungry and had tons of energy, I still do! It definitely reset my metabolism! I was losing weight every day I stepped on the scale! Not to mention that my nails and hair were longer and stronger than ever and my skin looks amazing. I couldn’t be happier and thank Dr. Urshan for bringing back my health and figure! This program changed my life, thank you Dr. Urshan. –Lisa

David Lost 103 pounds

David lost a total of 103 pounds over 2 years ago. His starting weight was 322 and his ending weight at 219. The best news of all is that he is keeping it off!

Tim lost 49 pounds

Tim lost 49.4 pounds in 40 days. He is off all medication, his blood pressure is normal, and he no longer requires CPAP for sleep apnea.

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