With the warm weather moving in, many of us start thinking about our health and wellness. Gaining weight over the holidays and winter is the norm. According to a study published in a 2014 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, the average person gains 0.6 percent of their total body weight over the holiday season. Lose the extra pounds and increase energy levels by adjusting your diet and scheduling in regular workout routines. The Dr. Urshan Weight Loss Center recommends the following best springtime weight loss tips. Get ready for summer by making these lifestyle changes now.

1. Create Goals

Setting a goal for yourself is a great way to stay motivated. Monitoring your progress keeps you in check and is encouraging when you see the weight start to come off. Keep goals obtainable to avoid feeling letdown. Take measurements and check your weight on a regular basis, but don’t become obsessed with the numbers. Aim to check measurements and weight once a week instead of daily.

2. Keep Track of Your Daily Food and Exercise Habits

Writing down every morsel that passes your lips may seem excessive, but many are surprised by just how much they eat each day. Food diaries are a surefire way to get rid of your mindless snacking habits from the winter. Smartphone apps are ideal for tracking your diet and exercise each day. The apps calculate nutritional values for food items and also provides an average of calories burned.

3. Enjoy the Beautiful Weather

One of the top tips for losing weight in the spring is to go outside and take advantage of the perfect temperature. No gym required to exercise as you enjoy long walks, bicycle rides, jogs, and more. Spring is usually the startup time of sports leagues too. Adult leagues offer the ideal opportunity to be social and get fit. Research community softball, baseball, soccer, or volleyball leagues in your area.

4. Overhaul Your Kitchen

Perform a spring cleaning on your refrigerator and pantries. Toss out the junk food compiled over the winter to clear room for healthier items. For any unopened items and non-perishables, look into donating the items to a local food pantry. Fill cupboards and refrigerator with canned and fresh vegetables, frozen and fresh fruits, healthy protein choices such as poultry, fish, and lean cuts of beef, and whole grains.

5. Increase the Amounts of Veggies on Your Plate

When the weather gets warmer, it’s natural to want to eat more of nature’s bounty. Research has shown that physicians recommend plant-based diets as an effective strategy to quickly lower body mass index. At mealtimes, fill up your plate with mostly vegetables and only a small amount of proteins, grains, and fats. During the spring, more healthy vegetables are in season and easy to find at the grocery store and farmer’s market. Popular seasonal choices include asparagus, artichoke, spinach, and beets.

6. Aim for a Higher Fiber Intake

Read food labels and choose foods high in fiber. Vegetables, legumes, and whole grain breads are a few examples of food groups high in fiber. Try to get at least 30 grams of fiber daily to improve digestion and keep your appetite suppressed between mealtimes. Fiber from fresh and all-natural foods are preferred over fiber supplements.

7. Drink Better

Get rid of those calorie-laden drinks that you’ve been enjoying all winter long. Hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and frappes have as much as 400 calories a serving. Switching to lighter and more refreshing sips can help you reach your spring weight loss goals. Unsweetened iced tea and water are your best bets. Seltzers and fruit-infused waters are also your best bets to trim your daily calorie intake. If you can’t live without your daily cup of coffee, choose an iced coffee with skim milk and a no-calorie sweetener.   

8. Weight Loss Partners

Multiple studies have proven that making weight loss a social matter has benefits. Losing weight with a friend or partner helps you both achieve your healthy goals. Plan workout meet-ups with your weight loss partner as a way to encourage accountability. Check in often with one another and share goals and setbacks. Online support groups are available to those looking to find a weight loss partner.

9. Improve Sleep Patterns

Believe it or not, your sleep has a direct impact on your weight loss efforts. During the spring, daylight savings time improves sleep routines. Try to keep a regular bedtime and wakeup routine to get a consistent amount of sleep each night. A good night’s sleep provides you with more energy to stay active during waking hours. More hours to enjoy the sunshine will also help you stay more energized during the springtime.

The Dr. Urshan Weight Loss Center doesn’t believe in quick fixes with no medical proof of long-term weight loss. Our programs rely on all-natural and scientifically proven strategies for losing weight and keeping it off. The Dr. Urshan Weight Loss Center will never recommend pills to curb appetite or stimulate fat loss. Contact us today to learn more about our center and book an initial consultation and body composition analysis. We provide personalized weight loss plans to those seeking healthier lifestyles.  

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