Weight Loss Clinics For Those Near St Petersburg, Clearwater and Surrounding Areas

Weight Loss ClinicsSupervised weight loss clinics help individuals who are morbidly obese shed unwanted pounds in a safe and effective manner. Facilities also offer programs for individuals who have eating disorders or other health problems that may prevent them from losing weight and keeping it off.

Weight loss practitioners are able to help their patients reach their goals by using an individual weight loss plan. Each plan is carefully formulated after taking into consideration the person’s general health, any physical limitations they may have and what type of lifestyle changes they would need to make for the results to be permanent.

Weight loss practitioners offer the following services to their clients:

  • A complete physical examination
  • Safe and effective treatment plan
  • Personalized diet and exercise programs
  • Weight loss counseling

Weight loss clinics hire staff members that are highly trained and capable of offering sound medical advice when it comes to losing weight. Dr. Urshan works hand in hand with his patients to help them eliminate behaviors that lead to weight gain and replace them with positive, healthier habits that will last a lifetime**. Every person’s weight loss needs are different. No two weight loss programs will ever be alike.

Contact Dr. Urshan today to find out how he can help you lose weight and regain your health. He will be able to answer your questions and address each of your concerns. With his personalized treatment plans, you will be able to lose the weight you need and create a lifestyle that helps you maintain a healthy weight.

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